SOLD! Framed Inter-Colonial Wars Map, by George F. Cram Co.

Map - Inter-Colonial 2

Inter-Colonial Wars by George F. Cram Co.

We found this framed & matted map at a garage sale in Oxford County and immediately noted a number of odd things about it.

At home, John put some time into researching the piece and this is what he came up with:

This map of the US and Canada, east of the Mississippi, was first published in 1887 and annually thereafter in an atlas until about 1906. It depicts the Inter-colonial Wars from 1689 until 1763.

There are two curious things about it:

First, it was drawn as seen by the colonials of circa 1700, not by modern understanding even in 1887. Why would Cram have pictured an inaccurate layout of the states? Maybe just to keep an historical perspective?

Then why the second anomaly? The lines of longitude are laid out with Washington (D.C.) as the 0 degree datum. Washington did not exist before 1801 so to have used them on a 1689 to 1763 map would not have been accurate.

I have only (to date) found one other set of maps using Washington as the datum: the 1804 maps of Lewis and Clark…….BUT……they used Washington as a datum at the top and London (the acknowledged datum) at the bottom.

It seems to me like an error on the part of Cram Co. You decide.

Condition:  Very good.

Dimensions: about 13 1/2″W x 16 1/2″H

Price:  $45.00.  Maine State Sales Tax of 5.5% applies.

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Map - Inter-Colonial Map - Inter-Colonial 7 Map - Inter-Colonial 5 Map - Inter-Colonial 4 Map - Inter-Colonial 3 Map - Inter-Colonial 6


In memory of my beloved husband John K Snyder… 20 Sept 1956 – 21 Oct 2016.
He loved our shops, especially Heritage Books, Maps & Ephemera – it was his baby.

He loved me, and oh how I loved him.

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