Details: Shipping & Delivery

Shipping Methods:

Most items can be shipped via USPS, UPS or FedEx.  We may be able to deliver to you, although ordinarily there is a fee involved.  See “Personal Delivery” below.

Shipping of Large, Heavy or Multiple Items:

We don’t recommend shipping larger or heavier items, as the price can be prohibitive, although if you want it and are willing to pay whatever the shipping company will charge, we’ll make it happen.

There have, however, been a few items that we have declined to ship, including neon signs.  They are just too fragile, especially the older ones, and repair costs can be far more than the value of the item.

Presently we have a vintage Icelandic lava sculpture that we are really uncomfortable about sending through any shipping company – it’s heavy and sections could be easily damaged.  (However, we will, within reason and per COVID 19 pandemic guidelines, transport such items ourselves – although the mileage fee could be hefty.  See “Personal Delivery” below.)

Personal Delivery:

We can deliver items locally (in Lewiston-Auburn) for $15.00, usually after about 5:30pm M-F, or at some point on weekends. 

For customers living along Route 202 from Lewiston-Auburn to Gray and Portland (or within a mile of that road), we can deliver for the same $15.00 early Wednesday mornings.   More than a mile off 202 would incur additional expenses of $1.98 per mile.  For any time other than early Wednesday morning (when we’re already heading to Portland to pick up our 3 year old grandson), the delivery costs are the same as found in the paragraph below.

Alternatively, we do travel throughout the state, and sometimes to New Hampshire in our never-ending quest to find the kinds of inventory our customers are looking for.  So if you’re willing to wait, you might find we can deliver to you in Bangor, Bridgton or Brownfield for a minimal fee. 

The caveat is that you’d have to pay for the item in advance, and then wait for the next time we’re headed your way… unless, of course, you’re able to pick your item up at our office in Lewiston!

Non-Local Delivery:

Alternatively, we can arrange delivery within 350 miles* (see COVID 19, below) at the rate of $.99 per mile round trip plus any applicable tolls.  

Also, if a 2nd delivery person must be added (for example, because no one on your end is available to help unload furniture requiring two people), there’s an additional $.39 per mile round trip cost.

Multiple Purchases:

Multiple purchases to the same address can be combined into one delivery for a single delivery price, as long as everything can fit into our Jeep Liberty.  If we must rent a cargo van or larger truck, the delivery price increases to reflect our additional costs.

A real plus is the ability to combine shipping with items purchased from our spin-off company, The Nude Boutique ( In the future, when we add The Kitsch Corner, Wildheart and The Steampunk Store, purchases from those sites will also be able to be combined into one shipment to save you money.


All shipping & delivery charges must be paid for in advance via cash or PayPal.  At this time we are not ordinarily accepting personal checks unless you’re known to us because of previous bad checks we’ve received, as well as a rather extensive attempt to scam us.  (Nope, we didn’t fall for it.)  There’s a little more to this, so if you’re considering using a personal check for payment, please review our pricing page, here:

Sorry, generally we don’t allow CODs.


The coronavirus pandemic has affected us all. Please be aware that we are exceedingly careful in our handling and delivery of all inventory.  We don’t want to become ill, nor do we want anyone else to.  If you have any questions or reservations, please feel free to email us at

Also, at this time (January 2021), there are many states, including Massachusetts, which are considered “non-exempt”, meaning that if we were to travel to those states, we’d either have to quarantine on our return home, or take a COVID 19 test within 72 hours of return.  We’d really rather not have to do either, although the test itself is pretty easy to tolerate.  Babysitting our 3-year-old grandson every Wednesday is our highest priority in life right now, and we don’t want to miss out on a minute with this precious, precocious child.

Thank you for your interest in our exciting, eclectic and often unusual inventory!

By the way, here are some photos of the delivery Jeep, along with our co-pilots, Millie (a Kelpie) and Rudi (a Schnoxie… a dachshund/mini Schnauzer mix).