Details: Shipping & Delivery


Most items can be shipped via USPS, UPS or FedEx.

We don’t recommend shipping larger or heavier items, as the price can be prohibitive, although if you want it and are willing to pay whatever the shipping company will charge, we’ll make it happen.

Alternatively, we can arrange delivery within 350 miles at the rate of $.79 per mile round trip plus any applicable tolls.  There’s a $25 minimum charge for delivery less than 16 miles in one direction (32 miles round trip) unless we can arrange delivery for a time when we’ll already be going to that area anyway

Multiple purchases to the same address can be combined into one delivery for a single delivery price, as long as everything can fit into our Jeep Liberty.  If we must rent a cargo van or larger truck, the delivery price increases to reflect our additional costs.

Also, if a 2nd delivery person must be added (for example, because no one on your end is available to help unload furniture requiring two people), there’s an additional $.49 per mile round trip cost.

All shipping & delivery charges must be paid for in advance via PayPal.  Sorry, no CODs.

Now That Most of Our Non-Book Inventory is Located At the Undercover Antique Mall….

If you definitely want an item and are willing to pay the purchase price upfront and to have it shipped to you (which we’ve done in the past), we absolutely will continue to do that – although it could take a week or more before we can get it sent out.  (It’s my overloaded plate… I have a challenging schedule, so generally a requested item may have to wait a bit.)