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Updated Info, December 2018.

Reluctantly, I’ve come to the decision that Heritage Collectibles, Books & Maps will soon be operated primarily as an on-line business, although we will maintain our booth at the Undercover Antique Mall in Oxford, and will quite likely exhibit books and other items at local outdoor flea markets when they all reopen this spring.

It started out as a great adventure for John and me back in 2014.  We loved our shop, even though it was a huge amount of work (and we both had full-time jobs as well).

After John died so suddenly and tragically in October of 2016, I tried to keep the shop going, eventually downsizing by closing his bookstore at 5 Park Street (although I continued to use the space as storage for several months), and then closing our wonderful corner shop at 189 Main Street in November 2017.

The result was that I gave away and/or donated a huge amount of inventory… it began to feel like “Curb Alerts R Us”!  And I had reduced our crammed full, nearly 2,000 square foot retail space to barely 600 sf filled mostly with books, and continued to try to keep it going – despite, at one point, working 80 hours a week at three other jobs.

The reality is that I should have just closed the entire shop two years ago.  Without John, and our love for each other and for the business, it’s been an emotional & logistical struggle, and a constant financial drain.  I couldn’t afford to pay anyone to help, and I couldn’t afford to be at the shop full-time myself.

But… I wanted to honor our dream.

However, I’ve finally had to come to terms with the reality that attempting to fulfill a dream at the expense of one’s health and financial stability doesn’t honor anyone.

So, the physical shop will close, although the business will continue, and I will continue to post blogs about our inventory on this website.

In the meantime, please visit our booth at the Undercover Antique Mall in Oxford!

BTW, if you want to purchase books or artwork in bulk at a deep discount for your own bookstore, eBay or Amazon business, or flea market, give me a yell… I’m not looking forward to moving the estimated 12,000-14,000 books into my house!

If the books go, I will also have shelving that can be purchased.  And there are black metal art grids available, too (they are 7′ high, and come with wall mount brackets, and hanging clips for the art).

Black metal art grids, 2’w x 7’h.

Hours.  December 2018.

The shop itself is now closed and in the process of being cleared out.  If you’re willing to come poke through the disorganization, you’re absolutely welcome (although most everything will be cleared out by the end of the first week in January 2019).

Our hours are erratic, however, due to the nature of Linda’s weird schedule.  Your best bet is to call or text ahead to make an appointment:  207 / 740.2247.

Main Location:

We are now primarily an on-line business, but for those living in Central Maine, there are options for avoiding shipping costs:

  • We can meet you in the Lewiston-Auburn area,
  • We can drop the item(s) off at the Undercover Antique Mall, 960 Main Street (Route 26) in Oxford ME, and
  • With pre-payment via PayPal,
    • we may be able to meet you in another local town (depending on our schedule and itinerary),
    • and of course, we can always ship the item.

A Physical Location:

We have tried out booths in other shops but didn’t have the time to maintain them all, so we now are just in one other.

Oxford – The Undercover Antique Mall, 960 Main Street.   (207) 539-4149.
We have some great, less expensive inventory for you to check out at the Undercover Antique Mall, seven days a week from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm!  We’re in booth #56.

The profits of all Heritage Collectibles, Books & Maps (after expenses, of course) go to support The Grief Warrior Project.  FMI:

You can also find us on Facebook: and

And we’re on Twitter!

Call or Text:
… Heritage Collectibles cell phone: 207 713 0674 (you may have to leave a message)
… Linda’s cell phone: 207 740 2247 (you may have to leave a message here, as well)

Texting usually can be responded to more quickly than a voice mail.

… (this email is not checked regularly)
… (your best bet)


Background Info, December 2017.

From when we first opened at this location (Mother’s Day weekend in 2015), the demands of our day jobs have made it nearly impossible to keep the shop open consistent hours on Mondays through Thursdays… and we often had to close at the last minute due to an emergency, scheduling need or other issue at my (Linda’s) social work job.

With John’s sudden and tragic death in October of 2016, keeping regular hours became even more difficult. And although I tried to keep the shop going full-time while also working at a very challenging job, within a year it was clear I couldn’t keep up with it all.

However, the shop was our dream, Johnny’s and mine.  He loved it and the plan was for him to “retire” into running it one day soon.  Johnny had this vision of running a shop with an old-fashioned country store air, right down to a “liar’s bench” where the old guys could sit around shooting the bull and telling tall tales.  (One of my happiest finds was a reprint of a painting depicting exactly this… it’s now prominently displayed in our Maine & New England section.)

Getting the shop to a place where he could retire from his very demanding day job (which he loved, despite its physical rigors) was taking longer than we had hoped, though, and John’s emotional and physical health ran out far too soon.

Rather than close the business, I eventually decided to downsize our main location and move most of the inventory to other shops here in Maine.

Our customers will remember the furniture gallery in the large long room at the back of the shop.  That area is now our main location, and is primarily a used bookstore with a conference room for support groups, and a classroom for workshops and activities.