Supporting The Grief Warrior Project

New Location:  Some of our inventory is now on consignment at the new office suite for Heritage Health Services, which also houses the offices of The Grief Warrior Project.  Profits, after expenses, from the sale of the inventory will – as before – go to support The Grief Warrior Project, which helps those grieving the loss of a loved one to suicide, and also helps people dealing with extreme anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts.

By Appointment: Please be aware that the Heritage Health Services offices are our place of business, where we do “virtual” office management services, and sometimes meet with clients.  For this reason, items on consignment at the Heritage Health Services offices can be seen by appointment only.  Please contact Linda at 207-740-2247 if you’d like to view any of Heritage Collectibles’ or The Nude Boutique’s inventory.  At least 24 hour notice is ordinarily needed.

Location:  The Heritage Health Services and Grief Warrior Project offices are located at 124 Canal Street in Lewiston.  We are Suite C, the second office in the building immediately to your left as you go through the Canal & Chestnut streets intersection.

Background:  As many know, we had two bricks and mortar stores side by side in town.  One was Heritage Collectibles; the other, Heritage Books & Maps.  The latter was my late husband’s baby.  Oh how he loved that little shop.

But tragically, horrifically, John died of depression & anxiety, as well as his painfully failing physical health, in October of 2016.  Johnny had just turned 60.  Far too young to die.  But he was tired and neither his mind nor his body could take any more.  I miss him terribly; I tried to keep the shops going in his memory but couldn’t keep up with it all, and closed them a while later.

Much of the inventory is now stored in our home, including the approximately 10,000 books that remain from that inventory.  My goal since John’s death has been to use the sales of those books, brass items, art work, furnishings, inside and exterior decor, and so forth to help fund The Grief Warrior Project, which was established soon after John’s death, in the hope that I could somehow help others who have lived my nightmare, or perhaps even prevent someone else from choosing suicide as an option.

Volunteers Needed:  In the future, I’ll be looking for someone who would be willing to volunteer helping me price and tag inventory (there are boxes and boxes that have never been inventoried), or post the items on this website, Craigslist and Facebook (a friend will be posting some items on eBay), or even fix some of the artwork with frames that need repairing.

If any of those are something you’d be willing to help with, I’d be most grateful, as it will all help me make The Grief Warrior Project more available than I’ve been able to so far.


Thank you to everyone who has supported Heritage Collectibles, Books & Maps since August of 2014!


In memory of my beloved husband John K Snyder… 20 Sept 1956 – 21 Oct 2016.

He loved our shops, especially the section we called Heritage Books, Maps & Ephemera – that was his baby.  Johnny was an avid reader, who regarded the feel of real books in his hands as one of life’s greatest joys.  History was his forte, but in true Renaissance Man fashion, John knew a great deal about a great many subjects.  He would often be so fascinated by a book he was reading that he would excitedly rush to find me, so he could read aloud passages that we would then discuss with the wonder of kids enthralled by a new toy.

He loved me like crazy, and oh how I loved him.

Follow our blog at, in honor of my husband, and all others who have been lost to internal demons that in the end, overwhelmed them.

Help support The Grief Warrior Project, a suicide prevention and grief support organization by making purchases from Heritage Collectibles, Books & Maps.  All profits (after expenses) go to helping us help others.  I’m also a trained volunteer for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP).

(Please Note: The Grief Warrior Project is in no way intended to be reflective of, or piggy back off, Wounded Warriors which serves those military personnel wounded after September 11, 2001.  Like too many others, John was a warrior long before then.)