Details: Payment Methods, Pricing and Availability

Payment Methods.

At our main shop (189B Main Street in Lewiston), we’re presently only set up to take cash (good old US currency), checks (made out to What a Great Event; please include your driver’s license and phone numbers, please), and PayPal.

Please Note:  If you have a PayPal account but don’t know how to use it to pay for an item, we will walk you through it.   We’ve also just learned of scams being perpetrated via PayPal, as reported in our blog:

The other shops our inventory is located in are also set up to take credit & debit cards.  You can find a list of those shops here:

Also:  Our inventory is FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED.   Please do not ask us to hold items for you “until you can get there” or “until next Tuesday”.  We’ve done that and then been stood up, and in the meantime lost the sale to someone else.

And, an apology in advance but I will no longer respond to emails etc asking us to hold items; not only does it take up time to respond to those emails, but some of those requests are from spammers who now have flooded me with garbage emails.

Regarding our First Come First Served policy:
A question some customers have asked, because we don’t yet have debit or credit card capability is “With your First Come, First Served Policy, how do I make sure that if I’m ordering on-line that I get what I’m ordering?”

That’s obviously a really good question.

The best way to ensure that you get your item is to contact us for the final price (including shipping) and then pay immediately via PayPal.

Here’s what I wrote to a potential customer back in early 2016:

If you prefer not to use PayPal, what’s happened before is that if you want to put a check in the mail, just tell me that you’ve done so with the exact amount of the check, the info on the check and the time and date it’s mailed, and I will accept that as the “first come, first served”.  If the check arrives as indicated, all is well. (I won’t ship the item to you until that check has arrived, however.)

If the check arrives with a postmark later than promised, and someone else is waiting for the item, then they may end up with it – it depends on when that second person offers to pay. 

This happened with a Rudyard Kipling print earlier this year.  Several people were interested; one person went back and forth with me over 3-4 weeks, promising to pay by PayPal. He finally did, but someone else had sent a check which was postmarked earlier than the PayPal payment – and the earlier date won.  (Of course, that latter person got a refund.  He was annoyed about not getting the print, but after all, he did take nearly a month to submit a payment.)

If paid by PayPal, you get an immediate receipt from that entity by email. If paid by check, I will let you know as soon as the check arrives and will send an emailed receipt. 

Shipping costs will depend on how quickly you want an item; that would be determined at purchase. (I’ve recently learned that the USPS will not accept art as “media” for the lower cost “media mail” although I’ve previously shipped several items that way. So I’ll have to figure out costs based on how quickly the item needs to arrive.)


I hate to say this, but please do not call or message me to ask if an item is available… if the post doesn’t indicate in the title that the item has sold, then I believe it hasn’t yet been sold.  Your best bet would be to call the shop it’s located in and ask them.  Please give them the booth number that I’ve listed under each shop, which you can find on our Details: Hours, Locations and Contact Info tab:

Some shops will, however, tell you they don’t have the staffing or the time to go check.

Pricing Information:

Please understand that unlike some shops we do not artificially inflate our prices and then give discounts to people who ask for them.  Our prices are firm (although we may on occasion have a sale on certain items, but those would be announced in advance).