GONE! Curb Alert – Some Freebies, In The Alley by Our Back Door

Curb Alert 2 Curb Alert 3 Curb Alert 4 Curb Alert

We have a small bunch of freebies in the alley by our back door, right off Park Street in Lewiston.

There’s nothing particularly exciting but it is free, and we would love for it all to have a new home, or we’ll just throw it in the trash.

Just turn onto Park Street right after Heritage Collectibles’ front door (189 Main St, at the intersection with Park).  You’ll see #5 Park, which is our bookshop, Heritage Books & Maps.

Right at the end of the building is our alley, and that’s where you’ll find the current freebies.  Please come get them before it rains!

Hope you can find something worthwhile!


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