Details: Layaway Plan


Down Payment:

  • A minimum of $20 or 20%, whichever is greater.
  • In-Store Only.  No on-line, emails or phone calls.

How It Works:

Minimums.  Each item must be at least $20.00.   Total purchases must be at least $40.00.

Maximums.  New layaway customers will be limited to a $250.00 layaway plan.  This can increase for future purchases if customers pay regularly and on time.


  • The entire amount must be paid for 8 weeks from the down payment date.
  • The remaining amount owed after the down payment will be divided into four equal payments, with the final payment also including the sales tax (so that final payment will be higher than the others).
  • Each of the four remaining payments must be made in two week intervals.  It’s okay to make them sooner, but they cannot be made longer than two weeks apart if that stretches out the payment term beyond the original agreed upon date.
  • If a two-week payment is missed, there will be a $1.00 per day late charge beginning on the 2nd day after the payment is missed.  This late fee will stop as soon as the missed payment is made, but must be paid along with that missed payment.
  • If two agreed upon payments are missed, the item will be placed back into the shop’s inventory for someone else to purchase, and a $20.00 restocking fee will be subtracted from any amounts paid to date.  The rest of the customer’s payments (if anything) will be returned to the customer.