SOLD! 2 Large Plastic Canada Geese Floater Decoys – From Our Lawn & Garden Shop

It doesn’t matter what these were originally intended for; I love this pair of Mama & Papa geese as lawn & garden ornaments. Don’t you think they’d look great near a bird bath? (Watch for a future post, as I do have a bird bath coming.).

Condition:   They’re in good shape although they’ve lost a bit of their coloration. No holes, cracks or punctures noted.

Dimensions:  24 inches long x 12 inches wide by 12 inches high.  They’re big! 

FIRM Price:  $40.00, plus 5.5% Maine State Sales Tax for $2.20 for a total of $42.20. 

Unless we’re having a sale, which would be listed here, our prices are firm.  

Location: Lewiston, Maine. We no longer have a bricks & mortar store but this item can be picked up at the offices of our other business which is located in Lewiston. We’ll gladly make arrangements when you contact us regarding the item!

First Come, First Served Policy:  We apologize, but because of several recent unhappy experiences, we can no longer hold merchandise without payment. We’d love to have you purchase this item either by paying via PayPal using the Payment blocks at the end of this page, or by calling Linda directly at 207-740-2247. Only then can we hold the item for you.

Shipping & Delivery:  Free local pickup at our Lewiston office. Delivery to your location may be possible for a minimum $10.00 fee. More details can be found in the second Payment block at the end of this page.  Shipping would probably be about $30.00 because of the size of the two geese, even though they don’t weigh much.

Buying Details:  We are very low tech.  Payment can be made via PayPal (at the end of this page), good check (please allow 1 week to clear if not known to us) or cash. 


Or you can email Linda at to arrange purchase, or for a somewhat faster response, text 207-740-2247.  Thanks!

Special Orders. If there’s something you’re looking for – whether it’s antique, vintage or contemporary; furniture, art, spiritual (ancients, indigenous, other), tools, collectibles, funky, or what-have-you— we’re happy to search out such items.  Presuming they’re available in your price range, condition and so forth, we can obtain the item and if you purchase it immediately, we’ll take 25% off what would otherwise be our retail price.  We won’t bid on something without checking with you first, unless we’re positive we can sell it anyway! Give Linda a call at 207-740-2247.

All sales after expenses help support The Grief Warrior Project.

More Photos:  See below!

By the way, if you like classy nude art (like we do), check out our other website:


2 Canada Geese Floater Decoys – local pick up

Maine Residents, or Out of State Residents Purchasing the Item Here in Maine: $40.00 + $2.20 sales tax = $42.20. To add delivery costs, please see the next block.


2 Canada Geese Floater Decoys – within our delivery area

As we travel throughout Maine (and sometimes the rest of New England), we may be able to deliver your purchase for a small fee if you can meet us immediately along our planned route. This must be arranged by calling Linda at 207-740-2247. The minimum charge is $10.00 which can be paid below. $40.00 for product purchase, plus $2.20 Maine State Sales Tax, plus $10.00 delivery is $52.20. If we must deviate from our route, please add $1.98 per additional mile. For example, if you are 5 miles off our route, the charge would be 5 x $1.98 or S9.90. Because this site doesn’t allow for varying mileage options, this fee will have to be paid separately when arranging the delivery, by calling Linda at 207.740.2247.


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