Possible Delivery Options in the Next Week or So – February 08-14, 2021

Because we sometimes travel throughout Maine and New Hampshire to pick up new inventory, we thought perhaps our customers would like to know if we plan to be near their area at any time, in order to deliver heavier or more fragile items for less than a shipping company might charge.

So here’s a quick overview of some upcoming travel. We’ll try to stay on top of this in case it’s helpful for you! (The above photo is of our constant travel companions.)

Please Note Our Delivery Fees: Generally, our delivery charge is $10.00 around town (Lewiston/Auburn) or anywhere along a route we might be traveling on. (It can take time to package up inventory to be able to deliver it to you safely, and then time to go out of our way and actually do the delivery.) If you’re more than about a mile off the route we’re traveling on, there’s an additional cost of $1.98 per mile that we have to travel off our route.

On Monday, February 8th, I’ll be heading to Ossipee (NH) around 7:30 am, and returning to Lewiston by 11:00 or so.

For the rest of the week I’ll be working at my office management business, out of my own office (where some of our inventory is stored) or at my clients’ offices… all in Lewiston (ME). If you’d like to pick up an item, I’m more than happy to be here for you, but need a specific time so I can make sure I’m available. (And of course, I do have meetings via Zoom that are conducted from my office, and which I must be in full attendance for!) However, I always spend Wednesdays with my 3 year old grandson, so unless there’s no other option, I don’t go in to the office, or do sales other than dropping off on my way to Portland to pick him up.

On Saturday, February 13th, I’ll almost certainly be headed to Brunswick (ME) at some point to check on our display case at Cabot Mill Antiques, although I don’t yet know what time that will be.

Please Note: If we do have to deviate from our planned route i.e. by driving 10 miles out of our way, it would require adjusting our time schedule somewhat, meaning we’d have to leave earlier in order to still arrive at our destination on time.

Any and all items plus delivery charges must be paid for in advance.

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