Coming Soon – (Very) Limited Hours to Shop Our Inventory in Person (By Appointment Only)

Some of our customers know that several years ago, Johnny and I had a bricks & mortar shop that we just loved, even though we were both working full-time jobs in addition to managing the store.

After he tragically died in October of 2016, I closed the shop… I just didn’t have the heart for it any more.  

Slowly, oh so slowly, the years have gone by, and I’ve found my love for this business again, and re-opened in earnest this past fall, although it’s been on-line only, with local pick-up available.

In the meantime, I have a busy, time-time consuming virtual office management business, and an office suite in downtown Lewiston.  I keep meaning to get around to expanding the business and hiring staff (I do have the office space for it) but instead have ended up using those offices to store inventory.  

And a friend has been using what should be my conference room to run his eBay business.

However, my friend is moving into expanded digs by the end of this month, and I’ll be moving my inventory into that conference room.  This will allow me to do two things: expand my office management business, and allow my customers to see our inventory, by appointment only.

I’m not sure yet when I’ll be able to have appointment times available for interested people to come check out our great vintage and contemporary home and garden inventory… my schedule isn’t at all consistent because of my work, and because of the various auctions I go to.  

But it’ll all work out, and I’m looking forward to a chance to display our “stuff” – and perhaps even do on-line auctions on Facebook or other media!  (And although I’m sorry to see my friend go, I’m thrilled that the business he and his wife are running is doing so well!)

Stay tuned!


You can always email me (Linda) at to arrange purchase of our inventory, or for a somewhat faster response, text 207-740-2247.  Thanks!

All sales after expenses help support The Grief Warrior Project.

By the way, if you like classy nude art (like we do), check out our other website:!


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