SOLD! Pair of Vintage (1970s era) Cherub / Angel Side Tables with Glass Tops

Oh my goodness, I cannot tell you how much I love love love these little cherub side tables!  They definitely belong in the “Kitsch Boutique” I keep fantasizing about opening one day… they are just the best!

I couldn’t find anything on them despite searching a few different sites, but I’m sure more research will score some information.  

These came out of the home of an elderly Greek gentleman from whom I got quite a bit of the Mid Century Modern I’ve posted recently.  Cool stuff!

Please Note: These are not chalkware.  They’re some kind of reproduction material that started being used around the 1970s because chalkware chipped and broke too easily.  It’s possible they’re reproductions of some original design but I can’t find the original design to compare with.

Condition:  Excellent.  All fingers and toes are accounted for!  

Dimensions:  16” H x 18” W (the diameter of the round glass tops)

Price:  $95.00 for the pair, plus 5.5% Maine State Sales Tax.  

Shipping & Delivery:  Please see the tabs above.
1) Details: Shipping & Delivery for mail order options, and 
2) Supporting the Grief Warrior Project if you’d like an appointment to see the item(s) in person prior to purchase.

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