SOLD! Only 1 Left! Feel Like You’re Living in Luxury with These Super Cool Vintage Pedestals – 2 Are Chalkware


I have several pedestals at home, mostly reproduction Grecian style.  And I love them!  They’re great for plants like philodendrons and ivy, or for displaying a strikingly colorful piece of artwork.  

For example, here are some ideas..

Our (reproduction) cinnebar horse statue ($40) really pops against the white of this chalkware pedestal.

This reproduction pedestal is wider and lower to the floor, so I added an urn (Greek or Roman with 3 maidens, $60) and a philodendron to balance it out.

Here’s the urn without the plant.

And here is one of the pedestals with just the plant. A much larger one would look even better!

Two of the three pedestals (the square ones) are vintage chalkware, which is hollow and does damage rather easily, and is difficult to find nowadays for that reason. The other (the round one) is a reproduction.

 The smaller of the two square chalkware pedestals is in very good shape. The larger one took a hit on a corner at some point, although it’s not all that noticeable (especially if placed against a wall!). The larger one does have some dark lines on the top, as if something was dragged across it.

The round reproduction is in great shape, except for a small ding on the top surface.

The blemishes can be seen in the photos.


SOLD! Small square chalkware pedestal: 8″ square by 20″ high.
SOLD! Tall square chalkware pedestal: 10″ square by 28″ high.
Round reproduction pedestal: 15″ diameter by 16″ high.


SOLD! Small square chalkware pedestal: $30.00, plus Maine State Sales Tax of $1.65 for a total of $31.65.
SOLD! Tall square chalkware pedestal: $40.00, plus Maine State Sales Tax of $2.20 for a total of $42.20.
Round reproduction pedestal: $35.00, plus Maine State Sales Tax of $1.93 for a total of $36.93. 

Unless we’re having a sale, which would be listed here, our prices are firm.  

Shipping & Delivery:
  Shipping these items is not recommended because the cost to value ratio would be prohibitive, and shipping the two chalkware pieces makes us nervous.  We can deliver within Lewiston-Auburn for a $15.00 delivery fee, or Gray/Portland (along the 202 Route, or just off it) early Wednesday mornings for the same $15.00.  Shipping each piece via USPS would be about $20.00.

For other options, please review our most recent blog on Possible Delivery Options in the Next Week (use the search feature), or our Shipping & Delivery page at

For more photos, keep scrolling!

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