Two Hand Drums and a Throwing Flower Eagle Tribal Drum (Smallest hand drum has been sold.)

NOTE:  The small hand drum has sold. 

These drums came out of a home on the coast owned by a woman of great spirit.

The Tribal Eagle Drum by Throwing Flower is dated 1991, although the website shows they’re still being made.  

I don’t know anything about the other two unfortunately, although the smaller one is clearly covered with animal hide.

Condition:  The two smaller drums are in very good condition.  The hide on the Eagle Drum has cracked & split on the front from age, and one of the stretchers on the back has separated; a second is about to.  It is, however, a beautiful piece, and carries its story in several ways as shown in the photos.

Please see pictures below for more information.

Smallest hand drum: about 4.5″ in diameter.
Middle, more “classic-style” drum: about 7.5″ in diameter.
Eagle Drum: 16″ in diameter.

Price:  $120.00 for the two remaining drums.  Plus 5.5% Maine State Sales tax, of course.  Or buy them individually.
Middle, more “classic-style” drum: $40.00.
Eagle Drum: $95.00.  (It’s listed new on the website for $240.00.)

Shipping & Delivery:  Please see the tabs above.

1) Details: Shipping & Delivery for mail order options.  
2) Supporting the Grief Warrior Project if you’d like an appointment to see the item(s) in person prior to purchase.

More Photos:  See below!


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