SOLD! These Free-Standing Metal Outdoor Flamingos are GREAT!

I love love love these flamingos!  They were purchased of course for sale by the business, but it will be hard to part with them! (Which is one reason why marketing the birds has been less focused than it should be!)

They don’t exactly go with all the other, more sedate lawns in my housing association and probably will just make my neighbors sigh about that crazy old lady at the top of the cul-de-sac (by the way, I am not THAT old!).  Which may be reason enough to not sell them!

Anyway, they are presently for sale but if you think you might want them, you’d better hurry.  I’m growing more attached by the day, and more than likely the prices will be going UP not down!

Scroll to the bottom for more photos.

Sizes:  The small one is about 4′ tall; the larger one is close to 5 1/2′ tall.

Price:  $125 for the small one; $165 for the large one.  Both for $250, plus 5.5% Maine State Sales Tax, of course.

Condition:  Very good.  However, they are metal and are outdoor pieces so there naturally is some rust on both of them, which is to be expected.

Shipping & Delivery:  Please see the tabs above 1) Details: Shipping & Delivery for mail order options, and 2) Supporting the Grief Warrior Project if you’d like an appointment to see the item(s) in person prior to purchase.

More Photos:  See below!

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