SOLD! Oak Style Medicine Cabinet / Wall Storage Unit


You can buy a similar one at a big box store for around $60.00, or save more than 50% and buy ours! (And you support a little guy at the same time!)

Condition:  Excellent.

Dimensions: It’s about 26″H x 22″W x 6″D.  (As usual, I’m adding these dimensions by estimating from home; it could actually be larger than this.)

Price:  Reduced!  It’s now in our salvage closet and just $18.00!  (It was $26.00.)   Plus the obligatory 5.5% State of Maine Sales Tax, of course.

Quick Details:

  • Prices Are Firm.  We do not negotiate on our prices… they’re set based on what the item cost us and our expenses in running the shop.
  • Sales. We do occasionally have sales or reduce the prices on an item (usually if the item has been in the shop for at least 6 months with plenty of marketing).  If so, that reduced price will be posted.
  • Holding Items.  Sorry, not without payment.  We’ve been screwed on this more than once, and won’t do it any more.
  • Questions.  This is tough… I’d like to be responsive to everyone who has questions, but I work full time as a social worker, and full time at this shop hoping that someday it will make enough money so I can retire from that social work job.  This means I have very limited time to respond to questions, especially if those questions have already been answered in this blog or on our various posts.  So I may not have time to respond…

Layaway Plan:  Please see our “Details: Layaway Plan” page.

Payment Information:   Please see our “Details: Payment & Pricing” page.

Shipping & Delivery Information:  Please see our “Details: Shipping & Delivery” page.

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02-12-medicine-cabinet 02-12-medicine-cabinet-4 02-12-medicine-cabinet-3 02-12-medicine-cabinet-2


In memory of my beloved husband John K Snyder… 20 Sept 1956 – 21 Oct 2016.
He loved our shops, especially Heritage Books, Maps & Ephemera – it was his baby.

He loved me, and oh how I loved him.

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7 Responses to SOLD! Oak Style Medicine Cabinet / Wall Storage Unit

  1. Donna Kincer says:

    Hi Linda, do you still have this? I may be interested in it, depending on the size of it. Could i swing by and look at it?


  2. Donna Kincer says:

    Will you be there tomorrow? Or Thursday?


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