SOLD! Make It Your Next Project! Wicked Ugly Corner Entertainment Center

entertainment center entertainment center 5

So at the shop we have this wicked ugly, over-sized corner entertainment center to set a television on top of that we really want to get rid of.

Even though I’d seen a picture of it, I didn’t realize how big & gaumy it would be, but considering I’d driven out to the middle of nowhere to pick it up, I just sighed and loaded it into the Jeep.  (Note: Urban Dictionary doesn’t yet have a definition for “gaumy”, which may be because it’s a pretty local word.)

There’s no real room in the shop for it, so we keep putting it out on the sidewalk when we’re open, and hauling it back in at night and propping it in the foyer.   (The pictures show it propped up on its side… will try to get some later today showing it actually set up outdoors.)

The husband says “GET RID OF IT!”.  Can’t say as I blame him.

So here’s the deal.  Come get it … ten bucks and it’s yours.

OR, spend $50.00 in the shop and you can have the cussed thing for free.  (No, we won’t take $10 off your $50 purchase if you don’t take it, because the goal is to get rid of the darned thing!)

This seriously would be a great project for someone who either wants to try something new, or who has real talent and can turn the piece into something groovy.

Condition:  The previous owner stripped it, planning to do the work himself.  Then he changed his mind.

Dimensions:  It’s honking big.  (See Urban Dictionary: “Honking” – anything large, excessive, or otherwise inordinately disproportionate by almost any measure.)  Without measuring it, I’d say it’s about 30″ high by 30″ wide on each of its corner sides, and 3+ feet across the front.  (As it turns out it’s 27″ x 34″ x 38″, so slightly bigger than I had estimated.)

Price:  $10.00.  Maine State Sales Tax of 5.5% applies.  The price will go UP if you try to negotiate it down.

Layaway Plan
:  Please see our “Details: Layaway Plan” page.

Payment Information:   Please see our “Details: Payment & Pricing” page.

Shipping & Delivery Information:  Please see our “Details: Shipping & Delivery” page.

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