SOLD! Handmade Live-Love Settee from Reclaimed Materials

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If you’re one of the many people who’ve been in the shop and fallen in love with our Live Love Settee but found the price was just a bit too high right then, then keep on reading!  And if you haven’t actually seen it in person, then we’re thinking you should hurry on in very soon…

A Maine craftsman created this very cool Live Love Settee (and the wonderful Pet Beds which you can find here:  

For the new price, keep on reading until you get to the “Price” section below, then come on in and check the settee out in person!

Here’s the background info…

So I get an email from this guy who asks “Would you be interested in selling this hand-made settee from a repurposed old dresser?”.

Are you kidding??  YES!  It’s absolutely wonderful!

This is what we’re all about… finding new uses and homes for quality older materials, offering art & treasures for everyday life, pricing things fairly, supporting others in improving their lives and/or building their businesses, and wherever possible reducing our own carbon footprint on this earth.

The Live-Love Settee meets all of those criteria!  Better yet, it’s absolutely beautiful!

The settee was created from an old dresser which was two-layer painted, then distressed with gold flecks added to accent the green & gold in the fabric.  It has rustic stencil work, and the seat even hinges, giving a nice storage space inside!

This is a one of a kind piece, created by a Maine artisan who, after a few decades as an adult in an adult job, seems to have found his artistic calling.  We are very excited to have this and other work of his in our shop!

Knowlton Live Love 026 Knowlton Live Love 025 Knowlton Live Love 024 Knowlton Live Love 023 Knowlton Live Love 022 Knowlton Live Love 021 Knowlton Live Love 020 Knowlton Live Love 019 Knowlton Live Love 018

Condition:  The settee is in perfect condition.  It was intentionally distressed to give it that primitive farmhouse look and feel.

Dimensions:  Approximately 38 1/2″ W x 18 1/2 D” x 33″ H.

Price:   Was $248.00.  NOW JUST $195.00!  Maine State sales tax of 5.5% applies.

Location:  Den of Antiquities, 1399 Bridgton Road, Westbrook  ME  04092.  We are booth # 56!

NOTE:  With the exception of books, maps & music, much of our antique and other inventory can now be found at one of the great antique shops or flea markets listed here:

(We’ve recently reduced the number of other locations from 5 to just 2 for the time being; getting to all of the other shops in addition to our full-time social work job was just a bit much for me.)  We hope you will enjoy our booths at those locations as you did our shop on Main Street.

For those dying to check out the revamped Heritage Collectibles, Books & Maps, we are still in the same building, but our new entrance is at the back of that building. 

Just turn off Main Street in Lewiston onto Park Street and park in the first available parking spot.  The entrance is through the door at the end of the building on the right hand side.  You’ll see signs in the windows (“Retail Store” and “Heritage Collectibles” and “Antiques” as well as others; you’ll also see my silver Jeep Liberty parked there.  Our “Open” flag should be out, too – or perhaps Johnny’s favorite black & white pirate flag!  Just knock on the industrial looking door; we’re glad to see you!

Thank you to everyone who has supported us for the past four years!


In memory of my beloved husband John K Snyder… 20 Sept 1956 – 21 Oct 2016.
He loved our shops, especially the section we called Heritage Books, Maps & Ephemera – that was his baby.

He loved me like crazy, and oh how I loved him.

Follow our blog at, in honor of my husband, and all others who have been lost to internal demons that in the end, overwhelmed them.

All of the profits after expenses from Heritage Collectibles, Books & Maps will go to help fund The Grief Warrior Project, a suicide prevention drop-in and counseling center in the process of being developed.

(Please Note: The Grief Warrior Project is in no way intended to be reflective of, or piggy back off, Wounded Warriors which serves those military personnel wounded after September 11, 20o1.  Like too many others, John was a warrior long before then.)



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