Very Cool Pet Beds from Repurposed Vintage Furniture – Made Right Here in Maine!

Dog Bed in Sage Green 3 Dog Bed with Canopy 10 Dog Bed in Pumpkin 2

Feb 08, 2017.  The shop hasn’t been open much in recent months due to a family tragedy, but we’re up and running again (given the constraints of my social work job), and two of these fabulous pet beds are still available!

Sept 5, 2016.  The amazing craftsman who created these pet beds – and his sweetheart wife – just stopped in the shop this morning.  We wondered why we hadn’t seen or heard from him for a bit, and had a “YIKES!” moment when he told us about a go-round he’d had with a table saw.  The table saw won the first round, but luckily the doctors were able to re-attach his thumb.  It is amazing what modern medicine can do nowadays!

In any event, our guy created these wonderful pet beds (and the very cool Live-Love Settee which you can find here:  We think he did a fabulous job!   NOTE: The smallest bed has sold.

Not every dog is lucky enough to have her own $800 bed like our Millie is… although you’d better believe it was not on purpose!  Millie is a 42 pound Kelpie, a rescue from death row at a Georgia high-kill shelter, whose puppies had just been taken away from her.  On moving in with us, she immediately claimed one of our specially-ordered F X Marcotte bedroom chairs as her very own.  What’s a dog lover to do, but sigh, and put a cover over the upholstery and give it up to the pup?

(Our other two dogs have nice little beds, but they aren’t nearly as luxurious as Millie’s.)

So anyway….

When the craftsman who made the Live Love settee offered us these three pet beds, we jumped at the chance to add them to our inventory!  (We would have jumped at the chance to buy and take them home if our house wasn’t already as crowded as the shop is!)

Just take a look!  (As always, my pictures do not do these pieces justice… and in fact, the simple “grey” bed on legs is actually a lovely sage green.  I haven’t a clue why it turned grey in the photos and nothing I did could alter that.)

Clearly, Millie would not fit in any of these, since she’s the size (and shape) of a slightly large border collie.  But Mr Budro, the wirehaired dachshund and Rudi, the schnoxie (miniature schnauzer/dachshund mix) would be very comfy, as would nearly any house cat-sized kitty.

The three pieces pictured are:

a) Canopy Bed in Avocado Green with Purple Accents.  Created from vintage pieces of mahogany and cherry, this stunning little canopy bed even has the original keyhole!  It’s been distressed lightly with a dry brush for a slightly shabby chic appeal. The canopy is secured with Velcro so can be easily removed for washing or fresh air.  It has a side drawer to hold a leash or other items.  (If your pooch is like our chowhound Buddy, I would not recommend putting treats in there.)

b) SOLD!  End Table Bed in Pumpkin.  This highly functional piece can serve dual purposes, as both a bedside table (it is Moosehead, after all), and of course as a pet bed.

c) SOLD!  Drawer Bed in Sage.  Made from a reclaimed drawer (actually, it came out of the Moosehead bedside table, above) and the legs off another piece of repurposed furniture, your favorite cat or small dog will feel like king (or queen) of the world in this darling little bed.

Dog Bed with Canopy Dog Bed with Canopy 9 Dog Bed with Canopy 8 Dog Bed with Canopy 6 Dog Bed with Canopy 5 Dog Bed in Sage Green Dog Bed in Sage Green 9 Dog Bed in Sage Green 8 Dog Bed in Sage Green 7 Dog Bed in Sage Green 5 Dog Bed in Pumpkin 4 Dog Bed in Pumpkin 3 Dog Bed in Pumpkin 7 Dog Bed in Pumpkin 8 Dog Bed in Pumpkin

Condition:  These are newly created pieces of furniture designed for your small companion pet.

a) Canopy Bed: 27″H x 26″W x 21″D.  The floor of the bed itself is 11″ off the ground, excluding the cushion.
b) SOLD!  End Table: 25″H x 22″W x 15.5″D.  The floor of the bed itself is 6″ off the ground, excluding the cushion.
c) SOLD! Sage Drawer Bed: 12″H x 18″W x 18″D.  The floor of the bed itself is 12″ off the ground, excluding the cushion and the sides the kitty or pup will have to jump over.

a) Canopy Bed: REDUCED!  Was $148.00; now just $99.00! That’s a savings of 33%!  Maine State sales tax of 5.5% also applies.
b) SOLD!  End Table: REDUCED!  Was $95.00; now just $63.00!  That’s also a savings of 33%!  Maine State sales tax of 5.5% applies here as well (of course…).
c) SOLD!  Sage Drawer Bed: $45.00 plus Maine State sales tax of $2.48 for a total of $47.48.

Just take a quick stroll around Google to see what similar pieces are going for on Etsy and other sites.  Our prices can’t be beat!  Cushions included as shown.

Special orders to match your existing decor are available.  If the piece will be highly specialized (including a stencil of your pet’s name on the bed), payment must be made in full when the order is placed.  Otherwise, a 50% deposit is required.  Please allow 4-6 weeks for completion.

Dog Bed with Canopy 2 Dog Bed with Canopy 3 Dog Bed in Sage Geen 4 Dog Bed in Sage Green 2 Dog Bed in Sage Green 3 Dog Bed in Pumpkin 5 Dog Bed in Pumpkin 6 Dog Bed in Pumpkin 3

Layaway Plan:  Please see our “Details: Layaway Plan” page.

Payment Information:   Please see our “Details: Payment & Pricing” page.

Shipping & Delivery Information:  Please see our “Details: Shipping & Delivery” page.

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Dog Bed in Pumpkin 2 Dog Bed in Sage Green 6 Dog Bed with Canopy 10


In memory of my beloved husband John K Snyder… 20 Sept 1956 – 21 Oct 2016.
He loved our shops, especially Heritage Books, Maps & Ephemera – it was his baby.

He loved me, and oh how I loved him.

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