SOLD! Art: Tarzan, Jane and the Dinosaur by R W Field, Auburn (ME) Artist

Tarzan 3

John and I were at an auction one day, both of us going in different directions searching through the kinds of items that we’re each attracted to, when both of us zoomed in on this original painting.

Tarzan? Jane? A dinosaur? A steel knife?  Holy cow, this is freaking cool!

We were so taken by the painting that we didn’t even realize until we got it back to the shop (after a strong but brief bidding war) that we already owned an original piece by this artist… one reason we didn’t realize what we had is because this painting is like nothing else R W Field has ever done – before or since.

And as it turns out, Mr Field (who has since been in our Lewiston shop, although we forgot to get him to autograph the back of this piece – face palm, indeed!) is a local artist, with works on display throughout New England, including a previous display at the Copley Society of Art.  The piece we owned prior to this one was originally purchased – I believe – through the Maine Public Broadcasting Network (Channel 10) auction about 10 years ago.

Tarzan Tarzan 8 Tarzan 7 Tarzan 6 Tarzan 4 Tarzan 2

Condition:  This original, unframed, one of a kind piece, is in near perfect condition with brilliant colors and interesting details.  My pictures do not do the colors justice.

Dimensions:   16″W x 20″H.

Price:  This piece of amazing local art is $400.00, which is typical of the prices Mr. Field’s artwork brings.  Given that this is the only commissioned piece he ever did, and it’s very different than his other work, $400.00 is likely way under-priced.

Layaway Plan
:  Please see our “Details: Layaway Plan” page.

Payment Information:   Please see our “Details: Payment & Pricing” page.

Shipping & Delivery Information:  This piece can be sent via the USPS’s “Media Mail”, which takes a week or so, but only costs $3.95 for shipping & handling. Otherwise, please see our “Details: Shipping & Delivery” page.

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