SOLD! Very Solid Rock Maple Dresser

Rock Maple DresserRock Maple Dresser 3

If you’re looking for a good, solid dresser then this should fit the bill.  Our rock maple dresser (or bureau) is the real deal.  None of that crappy, flimsy, particle board stuff.  This dresser can handle loads of moving and banging around; because it’s made of rock (or hard, or sugar) maple, it is very heavy.

From Wikipedia:

“The wood is one of the hardest and densest of the maples and is prized for furniture and flooring. The sapwood can be white, and smaller logs may have a higher proportion of this desirable wood. Bowling alleys and bowling pins are both commonly manufactured fro
m sugar maple. Trees with wavy wood grain, which can occur in curly, quilted, and “birds-eye maple” forms, are especially valued. Maple is also the wood used for basketball courts, including the floors used by the NBA, and it is a popular wood for baseball bats, along with white ash. It is also widely used in the manufacture of musical instruments, such as the members of the violin family (sides and back), guitars (neck), and drum shells. It is also quite flexible and makes excellent archery bows”.

Condition:  Aside from surface scratches and dings seen on the top of the dresser, the piece is in excellent condition.  The back (see picture) and inside of drawers (see one picture) are in great shape.

Price:  $90.00 plus Maine sales tax of $4.95 for a total of $94.95

Layaway Plan
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