SOLD! Chamber Pot Commode (or Toilet Cabinet)


I’m not sure what you could do with this antique chamber pot commode… refinish it and use it as a planter?  We do have four white chamber pots in very nice condition that could be used as plant pots.  Maybe you could group them all together, and have asparagus ferns flowing out?

This would be a great conversation piece at your local business or in the foyer of your bed & breakfast – or even your own home!

Condition:  It’s sturdy but well worn.  It smells a bit.   But then, what would you expect?

Dimensions:  I forgot to write them down but it’s about 24″H x 15″W x 15″D.

Price:  $28.00 plus Maine State sales tax of 5.5% added for a total of $29.54.

Payment Information:   Please see our “Details: Payment & Pricing” page.

Shipping & Delivery Information:  Please see our “Details: Shipping & Delivery” page.

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