SOLD! Vintage Round Marble Top Table with Ornate Brass Pedestal Base – Now $35.00!

Marble Top Table 2 Marble Top Table 3

Vintage, beautiful round marble top end or plant table with ornate brass base.

The marble is in near perfect condition with only a single very minor chip on the edge, from an incident that happened while in our shop.  Otherwise, there are no cracks, stains or yellowing; it is white with light to dark shades of gray.

The table is 17 1/2″ tall.  The top is 15″ in diameter, and 5/8″ thick; the brass base is 7 1/2″ wide at the bottom.

At 14.5 pounds, this piece is heavy, well made and in excellent condition!

Marble Top Table 4 Marble Top Table 5 Marble Top Table 1

Price:  Originally $129.00, this little table has been reduced to just $35.00!  Of course, the 5.5% Maine sales tax applies.

# Available:  one

Size:  17 1/2″ high x 15″ wide.

Weight:  14.5 lbs

Approximate Age:  Unknown, vintage.

Condition: Pre-Owned / Used

Defects, Nicks and/or Blemishes:  It appears that the pedestal was removed from the marble top and glued back on.  Our suspicion is that the bolts holding the base to the top were sheared off, as the bolt holes are there, and one can see where the pedestal was originally attached to the top.  This does not show unless you turn the table upside down but does constitute a defect of sorts.
There is now a very minor chip on the side of the table from an incident at our shop.
Any shading that shows in the photos is from the camera flash and is not seen in the piece itself.

Layaway Plan:  Please see our “Details: Layaway Plan” page.

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