MISSING: Antique Corn Cob / Apple Drying Rack – $48.00

Corn Cob Dryer 4 Corn Cob Dryer 1

Our corn drying rack has been missing since we did a show in Brunswick last year.  We had it, and then we didn’t… it never made it back to the shop.  And of course, no one has seen it.  It’s unfortunate because this was one of the best examples of this type of dryer that we’ve seen before or since.

This antique corn (or apple) drying rack is one of the loveliest – and sturdiest – we’ve seen. It’s 18 inches long (not including the non-original copper wire added to the top for hanging purposes), and is made of one solid piece of metal that’s been cut, formed and twisted to create the shapes you see in the pictures.

Most of the other drying racks being offered for sale appear far flimsier than this one… even those that are going for a boatload more money.

Corn Cob Dryer 3 Corn Cob Dryer 2

These racks were used in the days before food dehydrators as a space-saving device. One could easily dry corn and apples on a flat screen, but that takes up lots of room.  Here, you can get 10 cobs onto a small space and hang them from a beam or wall or what-have-you.

Efficient, and lovely, too.

Price:  Buy-it-now price is $48.00 plus $5.00 shipping & handling if not picked up in person.  Opening bid if on eBay is $36.95.
# Available:  one
Size:  18″ long plus about 3″ for the copper hanging wire
Approximate Age:  unknown; vintage American
Defects, Nicks and/or Blemishes: item has the typical rust found on an antique metal item, which can be easily cleaned if desired
Item Location
: Heritage Collectibles at 5 Park, Lewiston ME 04240.

Business Card

Main Location:  Heritage Collectibles at 5 Park, Lewiston  ME 04240.
Hours: Vary, but usually 12:00n to 5:00p, Fridays/Saturdays/Sundays or by appointment. (We’re closed for the holidays but will reopen on Friday, January 9, 2015.)
Contact us at:
… John: 207 713 0674 or JSnyder@regroupbiz.com
… Linda: 207 740 2247 or LSnyder@regroupbiz.com
… Jessamyn: 818 738 4713 0r JHopkins@regroupbiz.com
… Generic Email: HeritageCollectiblesMaine@gmail.com
Other Locations:
… Undercover Antique Mall, Route 26, Oxford  ME
… Drinker of the Wind Studio, Route 4, Turner ME
… Southern Maine Indoor Flea Market, US Route 1, Scarborough ME
Message re Our Products:
All of the items we offer are vintage, antique or simply pre-owned.  Therefore, reasonable wear & tear is to be expected, and our items are sold as seen and described in the photos and/or in person. 
We try to describe any damage, nicks, blemishes or other problems of which we are aware in any and all of our listings, and always include plenty of clear photographs which are integral to the description, so please review them closely.  
Also, please be aware that vintage and antique items are unlikely to be in factory condition, so if you aren’t used to buying antique or vintage items – and are in fact looking for a pristine, unused item – a new reproduction may be better suited for you. We ordinarily do not “clean up” items because such cleaning may detract from their value. 
We are specific and honest in our descriptions because we want happy buyers who will return and/or refer their friends!


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