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Vintage Cast Iron Wall Mount John Deere Matchbox or Letter Holder

My father was an avid John Deere collector – he had every model John Deere farm tractor ever made, as well as toys and other items.¬† But he didn’t have one of these cast iron matchbox (or letter) holders, ready … Continue reading

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Wrought vs Rod vs Cast Iron – What’s the Difference?

Until doing a bit of research for this blog, I had always figured that when people said “rod” iron, they actually meant “wrought”. I didn’t know there was a difference. (Now, if I’d asked my late husband, he would have … Continue reading

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9″ Grilling Skillet from Lodge Cast Iron – A 125-Year Old American Company

We don’t know the age of this grilling skillet, which was designed to help sear meats while keeping them above the pan’s grease during the cooking process.  The Lodge Cast Iron company is still in business in Tennessee, but their … Continue reading

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SOLD! Cast Iron 18th/19th Century Posnets

    Posnet: a small pot with a handle and 3 feet.  I’d never heard the word before, until it was used to describe these three cast iron pots, which prompted me to do some research.  It’s fascinating what one … Continue reading

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SOLD! Vintage Cast Iron Western Long Horn Steer Dinner Bell

We love this vintage cast iron western long horn steer dinner bell – and if we didn’t already have a dinner bell hanging at home, this one might have found its way there! Condition: ¬†This is the real deal so … Continue reading

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