Cameras & Photographic Equipment – Vintage, Newer and Related Pieces – At the Estate Sale on Saturday, January 21st


1) Due to the Friday storm and need to get the property plowed & sanded Saturday morning, the sale will begin at 10:00 AM. NO EXCEPTIONS.

2) Because in my other business, I go into the homes of many elderly people, and because I have an infant granddaughter, everyone entering the sale must mask up. NO MASK, NO ENTRY. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Thank you for understanding. (Believe me, I hate masks, too!)

The photos show a number of vintage and contemporary items from an amateur photographer’s collection.

All can be seen at the estate sale in Livermore Falls on Saturday, January 21. (The address will be available on Friday, January 20.)

Pricing will depend on whether you want one piece or several.

Condition: As far as I know, all are in good condition, although some haven’t been used in many years.

Other Information:

Because of the anticipated snow, on Monday, we’ve changed the date of the estate/garage sale to Saturday, January 21. (Snow date: Sunday, January 22.)

The driveway happens to be very steep with little room to turn around once you reach the level of the house. (A couple of vehicles have already had some difficulty this winter even with the use of sand and plowing,) So depending on all factors, we may have to delay again, or it could be easy-peasy! It’s Maine, so who knows!

Because this is not my home, and I am doing the sale for the owners who I am very protective of, the address won’t be provided until Friday, January 20th.

And… here are the details!

What: An Estate/Garage Sale in Livermore Falls, Maine! (Street address to be provided soon.)

The owners, now in their 90s, lived here for 50 years. It’s a beautiful older, but contemporary, home on top of a mountain, with an amazing view. In the summers, the gardens were lush and lovely; and the house was well-kept and organized. Years ago, the owners purchased good quality furniture, dishes, tools, and hobby equipment.

What Will You Find? There’s…
… mid century modern furniture (Kent-Coffey, Drexel, Scandia, Cosco)
… a few smaller antiques, including a katana
… contemporary furniture (including a nice particle board desk, office chairs)
… dolls and doll cribs
… cameras, photographic & projection equipment (Bell-Howell, Canon)
… beautiful dishware sets (National Wildlife Federation and more)
… a full length mink coat and a mink stole
… hundreds of classical music CDs
… a pair of Snell speakers
… every day kitchen items
… framed photographs and loads of other artwork
… gardening and hand tools
… pottery (much was made here in Maine) & ceramics (Wedgewood)
… metal shelving units
… lamps & lighting, including a museum style lighting pedestal
… carpets & area rugs
… bookcases & shelving
… vintage clocks
… vintage (costume) jewelry & craft supplies
… men’s Hawaiian shirts, Maine-made ties, a great coat made in Yugoslavia
… vintage velvet cape & scarf
… a wedding dress, and several mother of the bride’s outfits
… a large lot of older McDonald’s toys
… lots of small decoratives
… and more!

Antiques and smalls from other estates have been added to round out the offering.

When: Saturday, January 21 from 10:00 am-3:00 pm.

Condition: Everything is in decent to excellent condition.

Pricing: The more you buy, the bigger the discount off retail.

Other: Please bring your own boxes, bags, packing materials, muscle and so forth! Note, the driveway is very steep and parking is limited.

Photos:  The photos show a sampling of what’s available! More coming soon!

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