Estate Sales, Cleanouts, You Name It….

After years of doing this business “part-time” (HA!), I’ve finally taken the plunge into being truly full-time.

My other business, Heritage Health Services, is now a part-time gig, as I find myself tiring of hassling with insurance companies on behalf of my therapist clients, only to find dealing with said insurers is becoming more and more complicated practically by the day. I’ve loved working with “my” clinicians and their clients, but there were too many times when I ended up yelling at the insurance companies’ maddening automated systems, with the resulting irritability and intense dislike of it all.

So, here I am, for all of your organizing, sales and clean-out needs!

While the focus is on preparing your home, or that of a loved one, for sale by clearing out personal belongings, furniture, antiques, jewelry, tools, or even plain old junk, I offer more than just a clean out or estate sale service.

I listen.

As a widow, and an adult “orphan” (all of my grandparents and both parents are deceased), I know how hard it is to leave a home or to sell a home or to go through a loved one’s belongings and decide what to keep and what to give away.

I know this intimately. My husband died over 6 years ago, and his toothbrush is still in the same place he left it that morning. I’m not ready to move it yet. Or throw it out. Believe me, if you’re having a hard time with a similar situation, I get it.

I could write on and on about how I have a reasonably good understanding of what you’re facing right now, and how if it’s something I haven’t personally faced, I want to hear about it. Sharing sometimes makes tough situations seem a bit easier. But I’ll try to keep this reasonably brief. (Okay, so “brief” isn’t in my dictionary…)

What Heritage Collectibles Can Do For You.

Whether you’ve…
… started the process of downsizing,
… taken a new job and must relocate to a different part of the country,
… lost a spouse or parent, and need help going through their belongings, or
… been worried that perhaps you’ve become a hoarder…
I’ll listen and then help create a plan to take care of it for and/or with you. And I will do my best to get you the best bang for your buck that I can (that is, the best price for whatever you’re selling).

You can contact me (Linda Snyder) at, or by calling me at 207-740-2247. There’s never a charge for an initial consultation.

Don’t Tell Me You Do This All By Yourself??

That would definitely be tough! Nope, I don’t. I have help from others who own compatible businesses: a bookkeeper who is available to manage inventory and organize whatever needs it (including me!); a handyman who can help with lifting & carrying, and is knowledgeable about all sorts of tools and their values; an antiques dealer, who keeps telling me he wants to retire, but I don’t think I’ll let him… these are good people. And I’ll add others as the business grows!

Maine Areas Served:

Androscoggin, Oxford, Franklin, Kennebec, Sagadahoc, and Cumberland counties.

Of course, if you want to fly me to the Bahamas, I probably wouldn’t say No (nor would the others I work with!).

Operators Are Standing By…

Okay, that’s a bit of a stretch. “Operators” would be me. Linda. And I’m usually pretty good at getting back to people in a reasonable time frame. Why not call or email today?

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  1. Grace says:

    Good for you, Linda. You do seem to enjoy it. Love, Grace. ________________________________


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