Keep Your Toes Warm This Winter! Scatter Rugs & Carpets

Green & Black Area Rug with Fringe

This is a nice little green and black carpet in good condition. There are no rips, tears or frays noted; the fringe is intact.

Condition: The only flaws noted are on the underside which has quite a few small discolorations, apparently from whatever flooring it was placed on.

Dimensions: about 18″ x 30″.

Price: $25.00

More photos in the gallery below.

Brand New Jute Home Sweet Home Style Scatter Rug

This is a new, never used jute carpet in shades of dark rust, brown and black, with a homey design.

Condition: New. There is one area of about an inch or so where the edge stitching has come apart slightly.

Dimensions: 2’7″ x 4’1″.

Note: Because jute is the primary materials, it’s a bit wavy right now after being folded for several months.

Price: $25.00

More photos in the gallery below.

SOLD! Beautiful Room Sized Area Rug in Blues & Greys

I had this carpet in the waiting room of my office suite where it looked fabulous, and received lots of positive comments – it is quite striking in person! (BTW, I placed this in the driveway to take the photos; you’ll see a couple of fall leaves made their way into my pictures!)

The photos don’t show it at its best, because after being folded (rather than rolled up) then folded again for over a year, it didn’t quite lie flat for the camera.

Condition: Good. The method of storage wasn’t the best, for sure. Where it was folded there are some crease marks that should disappear once vacuumed and steamed.

There is a small area on the underside where there’s a tear that’s maybe an inch long. It unfortunately does have a few smallish stains; not sure if those will come out. Overall, however, it is in good condition.

Dimensions: 7′ x 10′

Price: $35.00

More photos in the gallery below.

Great Little Carpet in Browns & Golds

This is a great little carpet that would blend well in most bedrooms beside your bed.

Condition: Excellent condition. No rips, fraying or stains noted.

Dimensions: 31″ x 48″

Price: $25.00

More photos in the gallery below.

Floral Runner in Burgundy and Green with Fringe

Condition: The runner is in very good condition. The fringe is intact on both ends. The reverse does show some spots that were likely picked up from the floor it was placed on; it doesn’t appear to have any actual stains though; not now or previously.

Dimensions: The fringe is about 2 1/2 inches long on either side for an overall runner length of 102 inches long. It’s 26 1/2 inches wide.

Price: $40.00

More photos in the gallery below.

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More Photos:  See below. 

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