One of the Prettiest Little Telephone Stands (aka Gossip Benches) I’ve Seen!


Firm Price: $98.00

Calling this piece a telephone stand doesn’t do it justice… don’t you just love the term “Gossip Bench”?

I’m told the worn area seen in the photos at the front left of the table is from decades of family mmebers sitting on that chair with their elbow rubbing on the edge of the surface while talking away on the phone.

Oh, take a look at the floral carving on the seat back!

Condition: Other than the rubbing noted above the only other flaw seen is that the left corner of the off white cushion (facing the seat) is slightly discolored. It looks like it will clean up readily,

Dimensions: It’s 18 inches deep. The shelf itself 11 1/2 inches wide; the seat is 16 1/2 inches wide – overall it’s about 28 inches wide. The seat is 19 from the floor. To the top of the seat back is 33 1/2 inches.

FCFS: Sorry, after too many bad experiences with this, absolutely no holds without prepayment via PayPal or cash. We do not use any money app other than PayPal..

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More Photos:  See below!

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