Antique Victrola Cabinet – Think of What You Can Do With This!

This is a wonderful old Victrola cabinet. Unfortunately, the Victrola is long gone, but the cabinet has been in use for playing music since then; the husband of a friend (who I’m posting this for) had turned this into a very cool CD cabinet.  Eventually, however, they decided it was time to retire the piece in favor of another.

So, this real wood cabinet is looking for a new home… someone who will love it the way it was loved for years, and bring joy to its new surroundings!  

Condition:  It’s in good shape, especially for an item that seems to be about 100 years old.  There are a few minor dings and blemishes here and there, it needs a good polishing (as it’s been in storage for quite some time) and of course, there are a couple of holes drilled for wiring (or perhaps even for a hand crank?), but otherwise, it’s lovely.  

Dimensions:   36″ from the floor to the start of the cabinet top; 42″ high in all.  18″ wide x 20.5″ deep.  The cabinet needs to be 6″ from the wall for the top to open all the way.

Firm Price:   $30.00.  

FCFS: Sorry, after too many bad experiences of this kind, absolutely no holds without prepayment via PayPal or cash. We do not use any money app other than PayPal.

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More Photos:  See below!


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