Sold! Antique “Universal” Brand Hand Wringer – Makes Handwashing Those Sheets a Breeze!

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Posted by Linda Snyder, Proprietor.

Check us out on!  Heritage Collectibles has several auctions coming up in the next few weeks and this item is just one of hundreds that will be auctioned off!  

You’ll find this in the auction named “An Eclectic Mix of Vintage & Contemporary – From a Closed Maine Shop, Part 1“.  Auction ends Friday evening, October 28, 2022.  Once that auction is over, this item will be gone for good!


Can you imagine? I can, because I grew up with an old-fashioned wringer washing machine. Readers who’ve been following this site for a while may remember a reference to the scars I have from that machine – and the time my teenaged waist-length hair got caught in that wringer!

Anyway, I doubt anyone will actually want to use this extremely heavy, rather awkward wood & metal hand wringer nowadays, but wow! What a great reminder of how wonderful modern appliances are.

The piece came via an auction in Vermont, so I have this vision of a farming mom from 100 years ago, in her cotton dress and apron, laboring over it on wash day. (Note the statement on the piece that it’s “Warranted 3 Years for Family Use”.

Condition:  It seems to be in great condition for its age, although I haven’t actually tried to wring the water out of anything with it.  The wood appears to be all intact, and there’s not much rust on the steel/metal parts.  

Dimensions: 17” high x 17” wide, plus another 11 inches with the handle.  It’s about 7″ deep

More Photos:  See below!

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