Donated! Dorm Sized Twin Bob-O-Pedic Mattress and Box Spring with Rails and Linens

Posted by Linda Snyder, Proprietor

I recently obtained this bed set via a nice little estate sale where I was able to pick up a fair amount of good clean furniture. Unfortunately for me, I really should have let someone else take this set as I have absolutely NO room for it at the office, and have had to move it to my personal garage in Auburn. It really needs to go!

As the photos show, it’s Bob-O-Pedic and comes complete with the rails and some linens.

By the way, it is possible for one person to haul the mattress and box spring. I’m officially a “senior citizen” (how on earth did that happen?), and I was able to move both pieces all by myself.

Condition:   Everything appears to be in excellent shape. The mattress is enclosed in plastic to keep it clean, and the box spring looks good.

Dimensions:  I’ll have to measure but it’s an extra long twin size, as is used in college dorms.

FIRM Price:  $50.00, plus 5.5% Maine State Sales Tax of $2.75, for a total of $52.75. 

You can pay with PayPal using the block at the end of this page.  (We’re still working out the bugs, so bear with us, please!) 

Unless we’re having a sale, which would be listed here, our prices are firm.  

Location: Auburn, Maine. This set was too large to keep at our offices, so was moved to our personal garage. We’ll gladly give directions when needed.

First Come, First Served Policy:  We apologize, but because of several recent unhappy experiences, we can no longer hold merchandise without payment. We’d love to have you purchase this item either by paying via PayPal using the Payment blocks at the end of this page, or by calling Linda directly at 207-740-2247. Only then can we hold the item for you.

Shipping & Delivery:  Free local pickup in Auburn. Delivery is not available as the set is too large to fit in our delivery Jeep. Shipping is not available for this item.

Buying Details:  We are very low tech.  Payment can be made via PayPal (at the end of this page), good check (please allow 1 week to clear if not known to us) or cash. 


Special Orders. If there’s something you’re looking for – whether it’s antique, vintage or contemporary; furniture, art, spiritual (ancients, indigenous, other), tools, collectibles, funky, or what-have-you— we’re happy to search out such items.  Presuming they’re available in your price range, condition and so forth, we can obtain the item and if you purchase it immediately, we’ll take 25% off what would otherwise be our retail price.  We won’t bid on something without checking with you first, unless we’re positive we can sell it anyway! Give Linda a call at 207-740-2247.

All sales after expenses help support The Grief Warrior Project.

More Photos:  See below!

By the way, if you like classy nude art (like we do), check out our other website:

Mattress, Box Spring, Rails & Linens – local pickup

Maine Residents, or Out of State Residents Purchasing the Items Here in Maine: $50.00 + $2.75 sales tax = $52.75.


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1 Response to Donated! Dorm Sized Twin Bob-O-Pedic Mattress and Box Spring with Rails and Linens

  1. Jennifer says:

    My six-year-old needs a twin we are currently trying to find a new place to move to have to be out of my appointment by the 19th and don’t have a bed because I won’t have room to take her twin. 360 865 6474


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