When an Item Description Doesn’t Make Sense

Those who follow this website regularly know that I often will get an item ready to post, then realize I forgot to get the dimensions. It’s always a face plant moment, but I tend to post the item anyway with an apology and the intention of getting the measurements onto the site soon.

I sometimes forget to do it, and I appreciate those who point out my forgetfulness in a kind way.

I make other mistakes on here as well… the wrong photo gets attached to a blog, or I add the tax to the product price but make an addition error. Such things happen, and while I’m not thrilled about them, I don’t let it get to me. And you all are great about not giving me grief. Thank you!

There are times, however, when a blog may not make sense, as I just learned about the Whiskey Barrel table and chair set.

At the time I originally posted the set, I hadn’t yet picked it up from the estate auction, although I had won the bidding, and had the estate management company’s photos.

So in my obsessive need to be accurate, I stated in the blog that I didn’t actually have possession of the set at that point. That’s okay, as it was definitely the case.

BUT… I didn’t remember to update that section of the blog, even after renting a U-Haul and a couple of strong guys to help me move the furniture into a spare office at my business. I left that sentence in, that sentence that said I didn’t yet have possession of the set. Ugh. Bad bad move.

And today, a potential customer decided that I had to be lying about the set. Unfortunately, his mind was made up and there was nothing I could do to change it… he refused to visit my office in person to see that I really do have that set on site; he just decided, based on an editing error on my part, that I was a scammer. And he told me so.

Should I have reviewed that blog in its entirety, which I didn’t do, even after reducing the price of the set significantly? ABSOLUTELY. It was my error for leaving a statement in it that was no longer accurate and could cause confusion. But I didn’t, so didn’t realize that the potential customer went on the assumption that I didn’t have possession of the inventory. But he did not ask why I was saying I did, when the blog said I didn’t. He didn’t question the inconsistency, or let me know that there was an inconsistency. And he jumped to the conclusion that I was a liar and a scammer. (This, despite the fact that FB’s Marketplace lists me as “highly rated”.)

Those of us who make a living by dealing with the public know how critical it is that we are seen as trustworthy professionals. And that includes every blog and every sentence in every blog.

So again, I thank those who point out what I may have missed or forgotten, and appreciate you! And I’ll try to be more diligent about finding and fixing any errors or what may seem like inconsistencies.

Oh, and for a happier thought, here’s a picture of my little knucklehead, Rudi.

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