Special Orders – Are You Looking for Something Hard to Find?

The cobra above sold immediately after we posted it, with about a dozen people waiting in line, hoping everyone else would drop out.

We monitor and/or attend dozens of estate sales and auctions every month, and speak frequently with local auctioneers.

If there’s something you’re looking for – whether it’s antique, vintage or contemporary; furniture, art, spiritual (ancients, indigenous, other), tools, collectibles, funky, or what-have-you— we’re happy to search out such items. 

Presuming they’re available in your price range, condition and so forth, we can obtain the item and if you purchase it immediately (before we list it on this website), we’ll take 25% off what would otherwise be our retail price. 

We won’t bid on something without checking with you first, unless we’re positive we can sell it anyway!

FMI: Give Linda a call at 207-740-2247. (If you have an out of state number, it might be best to text first, or at least leave a voice mail. I get dozens of spam/scam calls a day, and rarely answer any number coming from out of state for that reason.)

Presently I’m looking for the following:

… a set of cemetery chairs,
… metal / iron fencing of the vintage type, art deco or Victorian in design (about 150 feet, 3 +/- feet high),
… brass cobras (several requests),
… very inexpensive particle board cabinets and/or shelving units for customers with less money,
… Marimekko fiber arts, and
… a Victorian settee that’s in rough shape, for someone who wants to reupholster to her specific style..

If you have any leads, let me know!

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