A Sneak Preview of Some Items To Be Posted Soon!

We have loads of new inventory that needs to be photographed, measured for dimensions, descriptions written and posted for the world to see!  I hope to get to it all this week, but here’s a partial list, along with a few photos.

… Small white table with handpainted scene
… A CD cabinet that holds about 150 CDs; the door looks like a library bookshelf 
… 100+ CDs (I haven’t had a chance to check out the music genres the group consists of) 
… A nice red floral rug runner 
… a lovely small dome chest
… a small clothes drying rack
… 3 chalkware pedestals and 1 reproduction
… a nice small area rug
… a garden hose & reel
… 2 busts (one is “busted” but repairable)
… a very cool Thor figurine
… a cute cookie jar
… a casserole with a duck shaped cover
… bookends, “The Thinker”
… an amazing figural lamp
… an even more amazing Roman soldier helmet lamp
… several small pedestals
… a figurine of wolves in a semi-circle
… a white knight 
… several reindeer figurines
… a small repro fire truck 
… a palm tree plaque
… 3 large decorative pillows
… several small pillows

It’s an odd mix, as you can tell, but that’s what’s fun about this business – finding the kinds of things our customers need… or don’t need, but want!

I did get a few photos… check them out below!

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