Framed Reprint of 1920s Photo of Tunisian Soldier Peering Through Window

This WWII era picture is very disturbing.  We're looking for any information militaria buffs might have (not an appraisal - the history behind the picture).

This WWII era picture is very disturbing. We’re looking for any information militaria buffs might have (not an appraisal – the history behind the picture).

I first posted this print in a vintage oval wood frame back in June of 2015, asking if anyone might have any information on its background. 

I’d picked it up at an auction, without realizing the content.  When John, my late husband, took a close look, he realized it is a very disturbing, although possibly posed, depiction of a what seemed to be a Japanese soldier peering in at a half-nude woman being held for the sex trade… and it appeared there’s a man directly behind her who can only be seen via his leg which is wrapped around her.  John, a serious history buff, thought this was from WWII, but as it turns out, the original photo was taken even earlier than that.

We eventually tracked down the following information via a site that specializes in identifying such things, which provided the following information:

“This is a print of a photograph of a North African (Tunisian) brothel in the 1920’s published by Lehnert and Landrock (Rudolph Franz Lehnert and Ernst Heinrich Landrock), an Austrian and Swiss photography team that established a book store and photo shop in 1924 in Cairo, Egypt. Your piece is a known print and …has been cut down to fit in that frame… Below is the original image.”

The original photo.

Because we only have a photocopy (I’m not convinced it’s even a print) of the original photo, it’s blurred – and we mistook her right arm for a man’s boot (thinking he was sitting directly behind her).

In any event, war is hell.

WWII Picture 3 WWII Picture WWII Picture 4

Condition: The oval wooden frame is in very good condition with only a couple of small dings.  The print does appear to be an old photocopy instead of an actual print, and is therefore somewhat faded and blurred.

Dimensions:  10 1/2″H x 8″W x 1/2″D

Price:  $30.00.  Plus the 5.5% required Maine State Sales Tax of $1.65 for a total of $31.65. 

Shipping & Delivery:
  Free local pickup.  We can deliver within Lewiston-Auburn for a $15.00 delivery fee, or Gray/Portland (along the 202 Route, or just off it) early Wednesday mornings for the same $15.00.  Shipping via USPS is $8.00.

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Buying Details:  We are very low tech.  Payment can be made via PayPal, good check (please allow 1 week to clear if not known to us) or cash. 


Or you can email Linda at to arrange purchase, or for a somewhat faster response, text 207-740-2247.  Thanks!

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