GONE! Box of an Odd Assortment of Miscellaneous Freebies

I’ve just thrown a bunch of miscellaneous stuff into a box, and would love to have someone take it off my hands. Otherwise, it’ll probably go into the trash soon.

The box has…

… … two puzzles (inc a “Budweiser”) one; both have been opened and it’s unknown if all the pieces are present
… … two globes for lamps or overhead lights
… … a bunch of bath scrubbers
… … outlet safety things
… … a large spool of green kite string (?)

and some other stuff, including (and this makes me sad)

… a large vintage Madonna and child carved figure… BUT, the baby’s head has broken off and gone missing! (It’s really kind of weird, right?)

If you want all this stuff, let me know. It’s at my office in downtown Lewiston.

Note: You must take ALL of it. Thanks!

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