SOLD! Vintage Wooden Ironing Board

I know few of us actually iron any more.  I sure don’t, although I do remember my Grammie ironing my purple “hillbilly” dress when I was a pre-teen… over and over because I absolutely loved that dress!  Our ironing board was set up in the kitchen, where it eventually lost its usefulness for getting rid of wrinkles in clothing, and became a catch-all surface.  (Sort of like my $2,000 treadmill.  Sigh…)

Anyway, I’ve seen some really talented people do some very crafty things with these great old ironing boards.

Here’s an article I found with ideas.  I’m not at all artistic, so it would be up to you to be creative!

The article lists ideas such as:

  1. Upcycle as a bookshelf. Instead of buying the usual, boring bookshelf, reuse your old ironing board to display your most treasured book collection. …
  2. Make a Christmas tree. …
  3. Create a laundry center. …
  4. Make a thread organizer. …
  5. Make a chalkboard sign. …
  6. Reuse as a pegboard. …
  7. Make a display holder. …
  8. Make shelves.
    And a few more creative thoughts!

Condition:  It’s in decent shape for its age; exactly as you’d expect.

Dimensions:  About 4.5′ L x 15″ W.

Price:  $18.00.  Plus 5.5% Maine State Sales Tax, of $.99 for a total of $18.99.  

Unless we’re having a sale, which would be listed here, our prices are firm.  

Shipping & Delivery:
  Shipping this item is not recommended because the cost to value ratio would be prohibitive.  We can deliver within Lewiston-Auburn for a $15.00 delivery fee, or Gray/Portland (along the 202 Route, or just off it) early Wednesday mornings for the same $15.00. 

For other options, please review our most recent blog on Possible Delivery Options in the Next Week (use the search feature), or our Shipping & Delivery page at

More Photos:  See below!

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