SOLD! Vintage Sign: Noel for Governor – We STILL Have This!

Sign - Noel Governor

We aren’t sure what election this sign was made for, because an internet search found two “Noels” who were Democratic state governors, but nothing on “Cure” for Representative.

Most likely this was an advertising piece for Rhode Island’s 1972 gubernatorial campaign, which was won by Philip Noel, who was in office from 1973-1977.   (The other option found thus far is Edmond Noel, who was governor of Mississippi from 1908-1912.)

Then again, Mr (Ms?) Noel may not have won the election.  It appears that the Noel-Cure ticket wasn’t successful for Mr (Ms?) Cure, so Noel may have tanked as well.

In any event, this is a great sign in wonderful condition.  If you know of anyone with the family name of Noel, or even the first name of Noel, this would be a wonderful gift!

Why do we still have it?  Who knows… I guess it just seems too cool to throw out.

Condition:  Excellent!

Dimensions:  This sign is a large 48″H x 47″W.

Price:  $25.00.  Add 5.5% Maine State sales tax of $1.38 for a total $26.38.

Unless we’re having a sale, which would be listed here, our prices are firm.

Shipping & Delivery:
  Shipping this item is not recommended because the cost to value ratio would be prohibitive due to its size.  We can’t offer deliver it as it won’t fit in the back of our Jeep, and in fact, it’s in storage in our garage right now!  Your best bet is to pick it up yourself!

For other options, please review our most recent blog on Possible Delivery Options in the Next Week (use the search feature), or our Shipping & Delivery page at

More Photos:  See below!

Sign - Noel Governor, Corner Sign - Noel Governor Close Up Sign - Noel Governor 2


In memory of my beloved husband John K Snyder… 20 Sept 1956 – 21 Oct 2016.
He loved our shops, especially Heritage Books, Maps & Ephemera – it was his baby.

He loved me, and oh how I loved him.

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