SOLD! Update: MCM Kidney-Shaped Desk and Chair – Apparently It Really Was a Vanity – Best for a Small Person or Youngster

This is a great little Mid Century Modern (1950s era) kidney-shaped desk and matching chair by Aristo-Bilt.   Or at least, I thought it was a desk, based on previous research.

In that research, I only found one item by this company on Worthpoint (the antique sellers’ “bible”), and none on eBay, although when one does a Google search, many of their other MCM items pop up.  (I do have another kidney-shaped vanity with matching mirror although there’s no manufacturer’s trade mark or other identifying information.  You’ll find that one on another post).

Several people have messaged to tell me this was a vanity, not a desk, because of the wings that come out, to hold the skirt that was draped around it.  I’ve found it this listed as a desk in several places, and since it appears there’s never been a mirror attached, I decided it had to be a desk.

However, a little more research taught me something:  There are small nail holes all around the perimeter of the desk, which indicate that a skirt was attached there.  So this was originally a vanity, despite what I’ve seen on-line.  (The “wings” would hold the skirt open so you could easily get at the drawers.)

Condition:  PLEASE READ THIS SECTION CAREFULLY, AS WELL AS THE DIMENSIONS BELOW.  The piece is in pretty good shape but in addition to needing a good sanding, it also needs a decent regluing, especially the matching chair.   It’s not as sturdy as I originally thought. (Leaning on both the desk and the chair showed they need some tightening and wood glue.)  Otherwise, the condition of the two pieces is very good, although it needs to be sanded because of the water stain (and some other less obvious ones) shown in the photos. 

This set would perk right up and be totally adorable if properly stained or even painted.  And if you were to put a skirt around the vanity, it would make you – or perhaps a youngster – feel marvelous!

Dimensions:  PLEASE READ THIS SECTION CAREFULLY, AS WELL AS THE CONDITION ABOVE.  The desk is 34″ W x 17″ D x 30″ H.  The knee room is about 21″ H x 23″ W.  It’s much smaller/lower than desks nowadays.  (Were people shorter in the 50s?  My dad and one of his brothers were both about 6′ tall, so it seems unlikely… but then, the women in the family tend to be 5’4″ and under… so who knows!)  If you are an average-sized individual, you may find it’s just too small for your purposes.

Price:  REDUCED because of the issues pointed out above.  Was $155.00.  Now, $125.00.  Plus 5.5% Maine State Sales tax, of course.  Purchase both this vanity and our other one (search this website for “Vanity”) for just $195.00.

Shipping & Delivery:  Please see the tabs above.

1) Details: Shipping & Delivery for mail order options.  
2) Supporting the Grief Warrior Project if you’d like an appointment to see the item(s) in person prior to purchase.

More Photos:  See below!

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