Loads of Gardening Books – Super Inexpensive!

This is just the beginning of the inventory listing of our gardening books… keep checking back as I will be adding more as I have time!

Many are in excellent, gift-worthy condition as you’ll note from the way they’re listed below.  

Books come in three basic types:  hardcovers (regular and coffee table, which are the very large books with loads of photos), trade paperbacks (oversized paperbacks), and mass markets (the usual smaller paperback books).  Our inventory is listed according to these types.

I’m afraid I can’t provide more information on these books than what I have listed here; otherwise I’d have to increase the prices to cover the time this takes away from my other business, that actually pays the bills!  Thanks for understanding.

Pricing & Payments: Listed below under book type. However, buy any 3 and get 10% off.  Buy any 6 and get 20% off.  Buy any 10 and get 33% off!  Don’t forget the 5.5% Maine State Sales Tax!

We are pretty low tech here.  The easiest way to pay is via PayPal or cash.  We don’t take Venmo, Facebook Pay or any of those.  We do take checks if you are known to us, or if you’re willing to wait for up to a week for your check to clear. (Sorry, but we’ve lost money on checks before.) 

Photos: At the end, after the narrative.  The photos should be in the exact order as the books are listed.

Like New, Gift-Worthy Condition.
Hardcovers, $4.00 each:
    1) The Perennial Garden, color harmonies through the seasons
    2) Terrific Garden Tonics!
    3) Almanac & Pest Control Primer
    4) Pools, Ponds & Waterways
    5) Paradise Found – Gardening in Unlikely Places
    6) Self-Taught Gardener – Lessons from a Country Garden
    7) The Expert’s Book of Garden Hints
    8) The Wildest Place on Earth – Italian Gardens and the Invention of Wilderness
Trade Paperbacks, $3.00 each:
    1) Almanac & Pest Control Primer
    2) Bonsai, 101 Essential Tips
    3) Weedless Gardening
    4) It’s a Long Road to a Tomato, Tales of an Organic Farmer Who Quit the Big City for the (Not So) Simple Life
Good Condition.
Hardcovers, $3.00 each:
    1) The Scented Garden
    2) Lee Bailey’s Country Flowers
    3) The Perennial Garden, color harmonies through the seasons
    4) A Passion for Flowers
    5) Charles Cresson on The American Flower Garden
Trade Paperbacks, $2.00 each:
    1) Taylor’s Guide to Perennials
    2) Crockett’s Flower Garden
    3) Crockett’s Victory Garden
    4) Right Plant, Right Place
    5) The Wildflower Meadow Book, a gardener’s guide
    6) A Northeast Gardiner’s Year
    7) The Garden Book, an essential guide to gardening

Okay Condition or “Vintage and It Shows” Condition.
Hardcovers. $2.00 each:
   1) Better Homes & Gardens Garden Book, spiral bound
   2) Crockett’s Victory Garden
   3) The Picture Book of Perennials, 1964
   4) Best Ideas for Organic Vegetable Gardening, 1969
   5) Wildflowers of North America in Full Color, 1961
Trade Paperbacks, $1.00 each:
   1) The Illustrated Home Garden Guide (loose sheets), Section 2
   2) The Illustrated Home Garden Guide (loose sheets), Section 3
   3) Common Marsh Plants of the United States and Canada, 1970
   4) Farming in a Flowerpot
   5) Crockett’s Flower Garden
   6) Handbook on Herbs, 1972
Brochures, 50c each:
   1) The Wild Gardens of Acadia (tri-fold brochure)

Shipping & Delivery:  Please see the tabs above.

1) Details: Shipping & Delivery for mail order options.
2) Supporting the Grief Warrior Project if you’d like an appointment to see the item(s) in person prior to purchase.

Photos:  See below… I’ll try to add more later.


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