SOLD! Vintage Patterns & Misc Sewing Supplies!

For the person who loves sewing, especially vintage styles, this may be the perfect lot for you!

I’m clearing stuff out so didn’t take the time to count, but think there are at least a dozen vintage sewing patterns in this pile as well as other items such as buttons.

Condition:  We’ve had them for a while, and since they are not original with us, I’m not sure of what kind of shape they’re in. However, they do appear to be reasonably intact, inside their original packaging.  There also appear to be some other mailed items that haven’t been opened.

You’ll have to decide from looking at the photos.

If everything was to be found in perfect condition, the entire lot is probably worth quite a bit.

Price:  $40.00 for everything.

Check out our post “MCM Atomic Style Sewing Bench with 2 Compartments”… purchase that sewing bench ($70) with this box of vintage patterns and save!  Just $95!

The items can be picked up from my office, but you’ll have to arrange a time when I will definitely be there.

Would love to see someone make use of it all!

Scroll down for more photos.

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