Gone! Free! 3 Boxes of Miscellaneous Vintage & Contemporary Household Items

For the first person to pick them up, we have 3 boxes of vintage and contemporary household items: lots of mismatched dishes and glassware, a small food chopper, hot rollers… usable stuff.  Just message Linda through Facebook or this website, and you can pick up the boxes at her office in Lewiston.  Note: You must take all three boxes.

The photos aren’t great, since I didn’t start taking pictures until the boxes with the free items were already full.

If there are no takers, it’ll all go to Goodwill.  (I recently tried donating 3 large trash bags full of linens to a local homeless shelter but they never called me back, so off to Goodwill it all went!)

Some additional background (probably rather boring):

When we first opened Heritage Collectibles, my husband and I did a lot of clean-outs, and ended up with unbelievable amounts of inventory we couldn’t sell.  Over the years, I’ve filled the Jeep repeatedly with loads of items that were donated to such places as Goodwill, animal rescues, the local library, and many more… in addition, I had curb alerts in back of our shop where thousands of dollars worth of clothing, dishes, holiday items, small furniture, and so forth was given away.  I like to think we were instrumental in helping people who wouldn’t otherwise have been able to have some of the items we gave out.

Price:  Free.

Condition:  From Good (used, vintage) to Very Good. .

Shipping & Delivery:  Not available for these items.

More Photos:  See below!

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