Playing the Guitar: Books and Sheet Music

Our music section has a number of guitar books as listed below.  Their condition varies from excellent to acceptable.

Scroll down for more photos.

Titles, Type (Condition) and Individual Prices.

Please add Maine’s 5.5% Maine State Sales Tax

Shipping for 1 book is $3.98.  Shipping for  2-4 books is $7.98.  Shipping is free for 5 or more books from this collection.

Note: The three main book types are hardcover, trade and mass market.  “Trades” are any paperback larger than the typical pocket-sized book generally associated with romances and other fiction.

Below is a list of some of the titles and their individual prices. (This is a working draft, so some information may change in the next couple of days; I just wanted to get it up and running before the rest of my schedule got in the way, as seems to happen too frequently.):

1) How to Play Guitar, by Roger Evans.  Trade.  (Very Good)  $5.00.
2) The Guitar Handbook, by Ralph Denyer.  Trade.  (Very Good) $5.00
3) Guitar Method Book 1, by Hal Leonard.  Trade. (Good) $3.00
4) The First Book for the Guitar – Guitar Technique, by Frederick Noad.  Trade.  (Very Good)  $4.00
5) Johann Sebastian Bach – Intermediate Arrangements for Guitar, arranged by Howard Vaughn Tennison.  Trade.  (Good)  $2.00
6) How to Write Songs on Guitar, by Rikky Rooksby.  Trade.  (Very Good)  $5.00
7) Bach for Classic Guitar.  Trade.  (Very Good)  $3.00
8) Carcassi Classical Guitar Method.  Spiral Bound Trade.  (Good)  $15.00
9) Antonio Carlos Jobim Anthology.  Trade. (Good)  $3.00
10) Playing the Guitar, Frederick M. Noad.  Trade.  (Good) $4.00

Also, we have…

11) The Standard Guitar Method, by Dick Bennett.  Trade.  (Very Good) $25.00  [Note:  This is the EXACT same book my dad bought me in 1972 when I got a guitar for Christmas.  Never did learn how to play.  Still have the guitar, though.]
12) Through the Years, as recorded by Kenny Rogers, by Steve Dorff and Marty Panzer.  Trade. (Good)  $45.00  ($49.00 & $50.00 on Amazon.
13) 700 Years of Music for the Classic Guitar, compiled by Albert Valdis Blain.  Trade.  (Very Good) $95.00 (starts at $119.00 on Amazon)

And a guitar instruction DVD…

14) Simply Guitar: Expert tuition to guide you from the basics for beginners to the more advanced playing…     DVD.  (Very Good).  So far, I can’t find this anywhere, and wonder if it came with a book as well.  Will research further.   For now, the price is $30.00.

Individually, these add up to $244.00 (which is cheaper than Amazon).

Buy them all for just $195.00! (Plus free shipping.)

Shipping & Delivery:  Please see the tabs above 1) Details: Shipping & Delivery for mail order options, and 2) Supporting the Grief Warrior Project if you’d like an appointment to see the item(s) in person prior to purchase.

More Photos:  See below!

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