Aviation, Flight, Military Aircraft – An Amazing Collection

John was trained as a helicopter pilot, but to his disappointment, was never able to work in the field (he completed his training just as the guys were coming home from Viet Nam, who had significantly more experience flying those birds than he did).

However, he never lost his love for helicopters (especially Hueys), airplanes, and other flying machinery, and this collection of fabulous books is indicative.

Scroll down for individual photos.  Although we presently have every photo shown here in stock, I ran out of time and couldn’t get them all listed below.  Will try to do that soon.  (Sorry!)

Titles, Type (Condition) and Individual Prices.

Please add Maine’s 5.5% Maine State Sales Tax

Shipping for 1 book is $3.98.  Shipping for  2-4 books is $7.98.  Shipping is free for 5 or more books from this collection.

Note: The three main book types are hardcover, trade and mass market.  “Trades” are any paperback larger than the typical pocket-sized book generally associated with romances and other fiction.

Below is a list of some of the titles and their individual prices. (This is a working draft, so some information may change in the next couple of days; I just wanted to get it up and running before the rest of my schedule got in the way, as seems to happen too frequently.):

1) Gunner – An Illustrated History of WWII Aircraft Turrets and Gun Positions, by Donald Nijboer.  Hardcover.  (Excellent)  $10.00.
2) Aircraft Carriers – The Illustrated History, by Richard Humble.  Hardcover.  (Excellent, although the paper jacket is missing.)  $5.00.
3) Modern Military Aircraft.  Development. Weaponry. Specifications, by Robert Jackson. Hardcover.  (Excellent, although the jacket is slightly frayed.) $5.00.
4) Naval Aviation, by the Naval Aviation Museum Foundation.  Hardcover.  (Excellent) $50.00.
5) Seaplanes & Flying Boats, by Bill Yenne.  Hardcover.  (Excellent) $10.00.
6) Flying the Line. The First Half Century of the Airline Pilots Association, by George Hopkins.  Trade Paperback. (Very Good)  $5.00
7) Hell Divers – US Navy Dive-Bombers at War, by John F. Forsyth.  Trade Paperback.  (Excellent)  $5.00.
8) Classics of the Air.  An Illustrated History of the Development of Military Planes from 1913-1935.  Hardcover.  (Excellent, except someone wrote his name inside.)  $15.00.
9) The Great Planes, by James Gilbert.  Hardcover. (Very Good; the jacket is slightly torn and someone wrote his name inside.) $5.00.
10) P-51 Mustang, by William Newby Grant.  Hardcover.  (Excellent)  $5.00.
11) Air Power, illustrated by John Batchelor.  Hardcover. (Very Good; however the jacket is slightly torn and someone took a marker and scribbled out whatever was written inside the front cover.) $5.00.
12) Forged in Steel. US Marine Corps Aviation.  Hardcover. (Excellent) $5.00.
13) The Smithsonian Book of Flight, by Walter J Boyne. Hardcover.  (Very Good; someone’s name is handwritten inside.) $10.00.
14) Huey, by Lou Drendel.  Hardcover.  (Very Good) $25.00.
15) Fighter. A History of Fighter Aircraft, by Brian Cooper & John Batchelor.  Hardcover. (Very Good) $5.00.
16) Private Pilot Flight Maneuvers, by Irvin N. Gleim.  Trade Paperback.  (Good) $10.00.
17) A History of Aircraft Piston Engines, by Herschel Smith.  Trade Paperback.  (Excellent) $20.00.
18) Aircraft, by John W. R. Taylor.  Hardcover.  (Very Good; jacket is frayed.)  $5.00.
19) Tiger Ace – The Life Story of Panzer Commander Michael Wittman, by Gary L. Simpson.  Hardcover. (Excellent) $30.00.
20) U S Navy Dive and Torpedo Bombers, by Barrett Tillman and Robert Lawson.  Trade Paperback. (Excellent) $30.00.
21) Seaplanes and Flying Boats, by Bill Yenne.  Hardcover.  (Excellent.) $5.00.
22) Flying Colors; Salamander Military Press.  Hardcover.  (Very Good, some slight damage to one corner of the cover.)  $20.00
23) The World’s Great Aircraft Carriers. From World War I to the Present, by Antony Preston.  Hardcover.  (Excellent) $10.00.  Has an autographed photo of Bob Villas inside for some reason.
24) At the Controls.  Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum Book on Cockpits.  Hardcover. (Excellent). $5.00.
25) Boeing – From Peashooter to Jumbo, by David Lee.  Hardcover.  (Excellent)  $5.00.
26) Thunder in the Heavens – Classic American Aircraft of WW II.  Salamander Military Press.  Hardcover.  (Very Good)  $5.00.

A) War Planes, boxed set of oversized cards.  (Very Good) $10.00

All sales, after expenses, go to support the Grief Warrior Project, a suicide prevention drop-in center in development.  The Grief Warrior Project‘s support group room is located at Heritage Collectibles.  FMI: Linda, 207 / 740-2247.


NOTE:  With the exception of nearly 14,000 books, plus maps, music and art, most of our antique and other inventory can now be found at the Undercover Antique Mall in Oxford.  We are booth number 56.

FMI:  https://heritagecollectiblesmaine.com/details-hours/ 

We hope you will enjoy our revamped shop, as well as our booth in Oxford, as you did our original retail space on Main Street.

For those dying to check out the revamped Heritage Collectibles, Books & Maps, we are still in the same building, but our new entrance is at the back of that building.  

Just enter 9 Park Street, Lewiston into your GPS and park in the nearest available spot.  Our entrance is through the door at the end of the building on the right hand side.  You’ll see signs in the windows (“Retail Store” and “Heritage Collectibles” and “Antiques” as well as others; you’ll also see my silver Jeep Liberty parked nearby.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us since August of 2014!


In memory of my beloved husband John K Snyder… 20 Sept 1956 – 21 Oct 2016.
He loved our shops, especially the section we called Heritage Books, Maps & Ephemera – that was his baby.

He loved me like crazy, and oh how I loved him.

Follow our blog at https://warrior-project.org, in honor of my husband, and all others who have been lost to internal demons that in the end, overwhelmed them.

All of the profits after expenses from Heritage Collectibles, Books & Maps will go to help fund The Grief Warrior Project, a suicide prevention drop-in and counseling center in the process of being developed.

(Please Note: The Grief Warrior Project is in no way intended to be reflective of, or piggy back off, Wounded Warriors which serves those military personnel wounded after September 11, 2001.  Like too many others, John was a warrior long before then.)

FMI: https://warrior-project.org

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