ISO (in search of) Donated Hay for Non-Profit Helping Feral Cats

 Bale of Hay

Tommy’s Feral Feline Friends is a non-profit that’s long been dedicated to helping feral cat colonies here in Androscoggin County.  Norm and Rose work tirelessly, endlessly, every single day to provide food, shelter and medical assistance to hundreds of feral and semi-feral cats.

Right now they need bales of hay for shelter for the cats.

Here’s Norm’s most recent communication, as posted on Facebook:

Friends I would appreciate any help you can give me whether by sharing or providing information. Thanks, Norm

HELP!!!!! Its been brutally cold as many of you know and many of our babies in recovery care and the colonies needs your help to keep warm. I’ve called numerous people and left messages with no returrned calls and have tried calling many other places that were unable to help.

I need HAY. At least 10 bales. I don’t expect it for nothing and willing to pay. All I am hoping for is to keep our babies safe, warm, and comfortable.

I too am a difficult man to reach, because I am so busy working in the colonies, as well as doing so many other things for our babies. If you can help by giving me information where I can get hay I would greatly appreciate this.

Please send me all information to my email

Thanks, Norm

Although Norm says he’s willing to pay, his non-profit is run on a shoestring (they often fund-raise through bottle drives and bake sales); he could really use the donation if at all possible.

If you have hay to donate (or sell), please let Norm know.  It’s possible I could come pick some up, although my schedule is already overextended between my full-time social work job and our arts & antique shop, as well as our thrift shop.  However, if there’s no other way of getting the hay to Norm, I will do what I can.

You can learn more about Tommy’s Feral Feline Friends and the amazing work they do by checking out their website at


Bale of Hay


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