SOLD! Here’s a Quality White Wicker Set


We picked up a great 5 piece wicker set at one of last week’s auctions.  In reality, as you can see from the pictures, the set is actually made of two different designs that just somehow look like they’re all part of one set.

The desk, chair and one of the side tables have a sea shell motif; the other side table and the mirror have a wrought iron ivy design.  Otherwise, the 5 pieces are all very similar in color, weight, and size.

(The lamp shade and small ornate vanity mirror are not part of the sets.)

Condition:  Each piece is in very good to excellent condition.  There are a few nicks and bruises here and there, but overall, it’s a great set.


Desk:  30″H x 51″W x 23D
Chair: (to the top of the back): 37″H
Mirror: 48″H x 28″W
Side Tables: 25″H x 22″W x 18″D

Prices:  Desk: $32.00, Chair: $16.00; Side Tables: $24 each; Mirror: $24.00.

Purchase the entire set for $96.00 – that’s like buying four pieces and get the fifth one free!

Maine sales tax of 5.5% added.

Payment Information:   Please see our “Details: Payment & Pricing” page.

Shipping & Delivery Information:  Please see our “Details: Shipping & Delivery” page.

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