onehundredcatsandamouse – Stolen


Gotta love being in retail…. I turned my back yesterday for just a couple of minutes and someone came into the shop and left with a 2 foot by 3 foot framed poster that I had just gotten at an auction the night before.

So… if you happen to know of someone local to the Lewiston-Auburn ME area who suddenly has a poster titled onehundredcatsandamouse – or you saw that person walking with the poster down the street Saturday morning near 189 Main St in Lewiston  –  you can bet your bottom dollar that was stolen from Heritage Collectibles, and the person is a thief, pure and simple.

I’ve been in retail before and remember this feeling of being violated.

To the Thief:

You did not steal from some big corporation. You stole from a real live person who works two jobs as a social worker and another 60+ hours a week in this business.  (Heads Up: Even if you did steal from “some big corporation”, it’s still stealing.)

If you stole this poster because you think you “deserve it”, I ask you… Who deserves nice things more? Someone who works her ass off – 100 hours a week or more – to earn the things she has, or someone who feels entitled to take whatever he/she wants?

If you stole this poster because you love the thrill of getting away with things, I ask you… are you going to enjoy that thrill when you’re finally caught and sitting in a jail cell, with some big dude licking his chops over your fresh meat?

If you stole this poster because you need money for drugs… well, that’s just pathetic.

And to anyone else thinking that stealing is okay because “they charge so much anyway”… HA!!  Part of the reason why things cost so much is because we get stolen from and have to recover the money somehow.   Remember the old saying “Money doesn’t grow on trees”? You steal but I still have bills to pay.

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