UPS vs USPS – What the Heck?

ups vs usps

A few days ago I won 3 items at an on-line auction, totaling $40.00.  Not a big order, and nothing very heavy of course… I know better than that.

So imagine my surprise when I opened my email and the shipping fee was $158.00! Excuse me?  How much did you say?

The auction company (based in Las Vegas; I’m in Maine) tried to tell me it was because of the size and weight of the package.  “Oh nay” says I.  “I’ve shipped much larger and heavier boxes all the way from here to my daughter’s house in Los Angeles for half that price”.  Several times, in fact.

The auction company shrugged its shoulders.  Or at least the woman I was emailing with did. Or at least I imagined that she did.  In any event, she said that was the price and I could either accept it, or contact another company to go to the auction house, get my items, and do the packaging, shipping and so forth.

Ugh.  Not much of a choice, it seemed.

So I called her with a credit card, pointing out that the address on the card was different than the business’s post office box address, and they might as well just ship the package to my house.

And lo and behold!  The shipping fee that UPS was charging dropped by over $100.00!  Just because it was being shipped to a residence, rather than a post office box.

Methinks this is an interesting experience, and certainly one that others should be aware of. (Or was I the only person in the world who didn’t know this?)

I mean, really… the post office has larger boxes that hold packages too big for the regular mail box.  I get them all the time.  And I don’t see how it’s that much more difficult for a UPS driver to take my package inside the post office and leave it on the counter for Tim or someone else to deal with… not dissimilar from coming to my door to give me my package.

Anyone have an explanation?

ups vs usps 2


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