Adorn Your Neckline… Classy or Funky – What’s Your Style?

Necklace - beaded strands with loop 2 Necklace - beaded strands with loop close up

This piece would be perfect as a dressed up accessory for jeans, or as the final touch for an evening event.

Necklace - black & white beads - 2 Necklace - black & white beads - close up

Classic black & white.

Necklace - black and brown wood beads 2 Necklace - beads


Very light weight – choose wood tones or bright colors.

Necklace - black glass beads Necklace - black glass beads - close up

Wear this long or as a double strand
.Necklace - brown stones Necklace - brown stones - close up


These cool stones have heft – you can feel the comforting weight.

Necklace - green Necklace - gold and pearl beads 3

Two very different styles.

Necklace - multi-strand orange beads 4 Necklace - multi-strand orange beads 2


The bright orange color of this piece says you are no shrinking violet!


Necklace - purple glass beads 2 Necklace - purple glass beads - closeup


This is a fun set to wear.

Necklace - shells 2 Necklace - white beads - 3 strands Necklace - shell-type stones Necklace - wood triplets 2 Necklace - white beads with pendant 3

Here are a few more pieces… But these aren’t all we have.  Come on in and check us out!



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