Open House – You Could Win a $250 Gift Certificate!

Open House Flyer

Stop in at our Grand Opening and Open House on either Saturday, November 29, or Sunday, November 30 between noon and 5pm, drop your name and email address in the basket, and you could win a $250 gift certificate good on any item(s) in the shop!

While you’re in, feel free to pour a cup of coffee or cider, have a cookie, and browse our eclectic collection.

You’ll find all sorts of cool stuff… Vintage & Antiques – Art, Kitsch & Collectibles – and Signage, Militaria & Americana!   Everything from classic antiques to cool & even a little funky…

Guys, we have items for you to browse, too! (Now really, how often can any shop say that?) Need an antique block and tackle? Man, do we have a nice one!  (For info on how a block & tackle work, check out this site:  What about a military messenger bag?  Railroad books?  Ship models?

Ladies, you know a collectibles shop is chock full of wicked cool stuff… we have everything from handbags to glassware to a jeans jacket from Disneyland; Chinese art, American art & kitschy art; vintage dresses (and a wedding gown, too!); salt & pepper shakers, housing decor, hand-made quilts and area rugs.

The shop is small but the selection is large!  Come on in and find your treasure today!




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